Milano Wigs Lets Shoppers Save Time and Money with Industry-Leading Collection of Pre-Cut Human Hair Wigs

Leading human hair wig manufacturer Milano Wigs is showcasing its pre-cut quality wigs, which let shoppers save both time and money.

Brooklyn, NY, March 05, 2012 --( Custom wigs retailer Milano Wigs, available online at, is currently promoting its collection of pre-cut, quality wigs. Eliminating the need for cutting and styling, which can take several hours and cost upwards of $400, Milano provides its shoppers with the opportunity to save both time and money.

“We offer our customers a huge assortment of pre-styled custom wigs to choose from, lowering the amount of money and time they have to invest in the process. In addition to the cost of the wig and having it cut and styled, the actual styling process can take a very long time, and there’s no guarantee you’ll get exactly what you want. Our pre-cut wigs make it possible to purchase the perfect wig upfront,” said Yitzy Geisinsky, CEO of Milano Wigs.

Milano’s New York and Los Angeles warehouses feature hundreds of different colors, lengths, and textures of human hair wigs for potential customers to peruse and purchase. The two locations boast some of the largest inventories in the industry.

For those who can’t make it to Milano’s physical locations, the company's quality wigs are easy to browse online. The selections are divided up into six categories: short, medium, long, band falls, hat falls, and pony, all of which are available in a wide spectrum of colors and can be ordered in straight or wavy textures.

Starting at $550 for the shorter styles, Milano’s human hair wigs qualify for a free pre-cut with the company's online coupon. Because of the low cost and free pre-cut option, shoppers have the option of buying several wigs in varying hues and styles.

Milano also offers a number of accessories for easy and comfortable wig wear and maintenance, including the company's own WiGrip Comfort Band, available in black, brown, and tan for $20, several different wig heads ranging from $12 to $44, and a $35 hot air brush for simple styling. All accessories receive a 25% discount with the purchase of a wig.

“We consider ourselves one of the leading manufacturers of human hair wigs for women, so we make it a priority to sell only the finest wigs. Each one is made with the utmost care and precision, with a focus on contemporary styles and trends,” said Geisinsky.

For more information about Milano Wigs and to browse its collection of custom wigs, visit The company is also active on Facebook and Twitter, at and

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