New Website Improves Tenant Selection Process

Announcing the website, This website is dedicated to educating and improving landlords on the tenant selection process.

Valparaiso, IN, May 22, 2007 --( There is a new website dedicated to improving the landlord selection process that is quickly gaining popularity among Internet users. The website’s main goal is to educate and improve landlords on their tenant selection process. This goal is achieved by offering educational articles, valuable links, and a variety of other tools to achieve this goal.

The website accomplishes this in a variety of ways. Besides the informational articles and links, the site has a Fair Housing test, real estate forms, free reports, a list of investment associations, helpful tips every month, and even answers to frequently asked questions.

Don Conrad, owner of says, "I am an active member of a real estate investment club. The re-occurring problem I notice when talking to different investors is their constant struggle in choosing good tenants from the bad. I realize there are many gurus educating investors about buying investment property, but no one is really concentrating on educating landlords on finding tenants to rent those properties, which I think is one of the most important elements to successful investing.

“Because I have always had exceptional success in finding quality tenants, I decided to organize my system for selecting tenants to help other landlords achieve the same results. The pages, articles and forms on the site are designed around that system.

“I'm excited about the site,” says Conrad, "I’m getting a lot of positive feedback and support from investors and landlords alike. As long as the public finds my website useful, and valuable, I plan to keep expanding it to keep it informative.”

Find That Quality Tenant
Don Conrad