Postcard Marketer Shares Her Wisdom on Tampa Bay's Media Talk Radio Show

Founder and owner of the country's fastest-growing postcard marketing company, PostcardMania, explains the importance of marketing with different media on the air.

Clearwater, FL, May 22, 2007 --( During last Thursday's Media Talk, the Tampa Bay area's live, weekly global webcast for the creative community, Joy Gendusa did something she usually does--gave out prime marketing advice at no charge. While other companies tend to stick to charging for counsel on direct marketing campaigns, Gendusa not only gives the advice, but vehemently encourages her customers to use different media along with postcards.

"Sure, the first three years we only used postcards to market ourselves. That was it. We had a website, but we weren't marketing with it. Now, to stay competitive and on top of things, we do email marketing, website marketing, internet marketing, public relations, publicity--the whole nine yards. You need to do it all, and we want to teach our clients that."

Tampa Bay's Media Talk is a global entertainment and educational webcast dedicated to serving the needs of advertising, marketing, media and film/video professionals and students living in the creative community. The show is produced by Tampa Digital Studios and sponsored by Creative Loafing. Known for hosting entrepreneurs, national advertising, marketing and media leaders, as well as local creatives, this program is great for finding out what's happening in the heart of the Tampa Bay area.

Gendusa was invited on the show to tell listeners how she went from literally just a phone and a computer to a multi-million dollar postcard marketing company in less than a decade. Also discussed was her successful first Power MarketingMania Boot Camp (and its upcoming sequel in Orlando in September) where Gendusa and her Co-organizer, Marsha Friedman, brought together the marketing minds of the century to teach entrepreneurs about all avenues of marketing.

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PostcardMania is a full service postcard direct mail marketing company which includes graphic design, printing, mailing list acquisition and mailing services with free marketing advice. PostcardMania employs over 140 people, has seen positive expansion every year since its inception and is currently on a 23 million-dollar-revenue run rate for 2007. They have won many awards for their creativity and marketing farsightedness, such as the MarCom International Awards, the Stevie Awards, the Inc 500 List, the Creativity Annual Awards and the Webmaster awards - all of which the underlying theme contributing to their accomplishments is helping companies all over the nation expand. They print 4 million and mail 2 million postcards representing over 350 business, finance and industrial clients each week. Visit

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