Bioremediation Expert Waters Down the Cost of Cleaning

The world of general ship maintenance is evolving as the maritime industry copes with ever-changing environmental regulations in the workplace. And often, the use of bioremediation is a forgotten or unknown tool. But are all bioremediation products as environmentally-friendly as they claim to be? John Paparone, owner of Environmental Inc., and bioremediation expert, says the industry needs to be better educated on this critical issue.

Wake Forest, NC, March 04, 2012 --( It's no secret that environmental concerns in the maritime industry is top of the agenda. Shipowners and operators are navigating the ever-changing environmental regulations and putting numerous effective procedures in place.

Many of these procedures revolve around fuel emissions, cleaning bilges, engine compartments and deck areas while underway. Yet the use of bioremediation is still a relatively new concept for most companies, and those who already use these kinds of products may not understand that many of them are falsely advertised as being eco-friendly.

In a recent article in The Ship Supplier (Vol 51, 2011), published by The Official Journal of the International Shipsuppliers & Services Association (ISSA), John Paparone, owner of Environmental Solution, Inc. (also known on the web as Total Bio Solution), indicates education on a large scale is needed to better inform the maritime industry about the pitfalls in purchasing so-called “green” bioremediation products.

Paparone was quoted as saying: “The industry and many governments have only given lip service to this topic. Hence, many traditional cleaning chemical manufacturers have merely watered down existing formulations and have called them ‘greener’ and more environmentally responsible,” and that “until there is a change in some corporate cultures, which emanate from the top, we will continue to work hard for our advances!"

Not all bioremediation products are the same, warns Paparone. Buyers should be looking for neutral pH levels, among other key indicators like test results, manufacturer’s history, etc., in their product selection. All of these factors are important to the cleaning process, employee safety and what works best for the environment. He further adds that the cost of using bioremediation products is minimal in comparison to other cleaning methods and technologies.

Bioremediation is the process of using naturally occurring, safe and beneficial micro-organisms to degrade environmentally harmful contaminants and turn them into non-toxic compounds, and many of its uses are EPA-approved.

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