PANscan® Advance Optimizes the Search for Unencrypted Payment Card Data Stored on Business Networks

New tool provides additional customization to scan enterprise networks.

Orem, UT, March 06, 2012 --( Released today, SecurityMetrics PANscan® Advance enables internal and external security assessors to reduce liability, stop unencrypted payment card data storage, and save time and money by optimizing the search for unencrypted payment card data on an entire business network. PANscan Advance was exclusively built for users who wish to output specific scanning results, such as PCI DSS auditors, IT professionals, franchise operatives, e-commerce retailers, and service providers.

The tool leverages SecurityMetrics’ proprietary Forensic Investigation technology and allows users to target or exclude certain files and directories in the business network, making scans more efficient, especially for businesses that process large numbers of payment card transactions. In addition to scan optimization, PANscan Advance features include the ability to locate payment card numbers in multiple formats (eg. spaces, dashes), generate and export immediate summary results, conduct offline scanning, run the program from an external (eg. thumb) drive, search specific file types and directories, and manage searches on Windows and Linux environments.

“Feedback among PCI DSS auditors and IT professionals suggested there was a need for greater customization to enable large corporations, franchises, and high volume transaction environments,” said SecurityMetrics CEO Brad Caldwell. “We’re thrilled to provide new PANscan capabilities targeted to those who wish to gather specific results.”

Merchants who store unencrypted payment card data directly violate Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements and may be subject to forensic costs, card brand and bank fines, penalties, and loss of customer trust after a compromise. PANscan Advance allows internal and external security assessors to search for unencrypted Track 1, Track 2 and Primary Account Number (PAN) data on business networks to support PCI DSS compliance efforts.

The SecurityMetrics PANscan Suite includes PANscan Lite, a free version for summary results, PANscan, a standard version for the non-technical user, and PANscan Advance for internal and external security assessors. For more information, visit For reseller opportunities, contact 801-705-5656.

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SecurityMetrics assists in protecting electronic commerce and payments leaders, global acquirers, and their retail customers from security breaches and data theft. The company is a leading provider and innovator in merchant data security and compliance, and as an Approved Scanning Vendor and Qualified Security Assessor, has helped over 1 million organizations manage PCI DSS compliance and/or secure their network infrastructure, data communication, and other information assets. Founded in October 2000, SecurityMetrics is a privately held company headquartered in Orem, Utah.

Amanda Harmon