Company Positioned as a Leader in the Burgeoning Local Search Market

California Homepro, Inc. –a Home Improvement Company based out of Concord, CA- has enhanced its branding of Windows, Pavers and Coating within the competitive home improvement industry.

Concord, CA, March 04, 2012 --( Due to its unparalleled effectiveness, online advertising has gained popularity among marketers, causing a shift in ad spending from offline ad media towards the Internet. Forrester Research, a technology research company, surveyed 126 B2B marketing executives from various industries and concluded:
"Business-to-business (B2B) marketers struggle most to reach decision-makers and measure effectiveness. As a result, they are shifting advertising dollars toward more direct and interactive tactics - supplementing sales forces with higher spending on e-mail, direct mail, and online advertising."

The trend of spending more on the Internet compared to offline media is expected to continue as more and more businesses discover the benefits of advertising online.

The Kelsey Group reports that one of the fastest growing local online advertising companies in North America, Local Corporation, is well-positioned as a leader in the burgeoning local search market, which is expected to outpace top-line search growth through 2013.

They go on to say that “Research shows that consumers typically spend about 80 percent of their income within 20 miles of their homes.” These consumers are the crown jewel of search because they typically convert into buyers at a higher rate than any other type of online search traffic. As a result, advertisers often pay a premium to place their ads in front of these highly valuable consumers in order to reach them.

California Homepro, Inc. has enhanced its branding of Windows, Pavers and Coating within the competitive home improvement industry covering the Greater San Francisco Bay Area Market by joining Coupled with California Homepro’s aggressive marketing strategy via home shows, canvassing and telemarketing, their online marketing has been an area of intense focus over the past few months.

The key now for the company will be to measure results accurately and react accordingly. Internet marketing changes every day and it certainly isn’t dull. There’s a whole new world of opportunity for those that have a passion for their company and their function.

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