New Report from OfficeProAdvisors Shows How to Conduct Successful CPA Campaigns

One of the most successful business methods for Internet Marketers, yet not widely known, is CPA (Cost Per Action) Marketing. CPA Marketing is where you send your website or blog traffic to specific offers that readers can sign up for. You get paid for the "Action" your readers do; like filling in an email address or zip code. Visit for a new report on how to do CPA marketing.

San Jose, CA, March 07, 2012 --( Savvy Online Marketers Take Advantage Of "Cost Per Action" Trend To Increase Their Income.

As more and more people turn to the Internet as a source of extra income during the worldwide recession, a small percentage of smart marketers are looking 'outside the box' for less competition, and are making higher profits with greater success. Now with an increased number of people shopping online, and more affiliates promoting products and services to earn commissions, CPA Networks are working together with corporations to release some of their budgets to the little guy.

The report, “CPA Marketing Disasters” is available at

In the first quarter of this year alone, over $5 Billion dollars was spent in advertising to a worldwide audience online. Corporate advertisers are finally recognizing that long-term prospects lead to a higher income level per customer.

CPA advertising has also increased in popularity with corporate advertisers due to the larger return on investment through quality traffic provided by publishers and affiliates alike. Instead of wasting time and money on ad campaigns that don't generate the desired result, CPA is taking off with outstanding statistical advantages over other advertising methods.

Papee Charlie from said, "Cost-Per-Action is quickly becoming the catch-phrase of the new millennium, with big corporations spending up big time to attract new leads and customers that pay off in the long-term. When you have the right information, and know how to promote with CPA offers, regular affiliates can dramatically increase their income by earning as much as $250 per action, instead of earning 25c for a lot of effort."

"I was surprised at how relatively unknown CPA is to regular online marketers," said Charlie. "We're expecting an increase in participation by online marketers as the word about cost-Per-Action gets out in the near future, and look forward to hearing more positive feedback from affiliates who've changed tactics for better results." was founded in 2012 to provide online marketers with more choices in ways to make extra money. The site offers a range of informative emails, reports, and ebooks for the smart marketer.


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