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Researches say that the detergent consumption is increasing worldwide. Infovole offers a solution (with a wink) to reduce your detergent consumption.

Neuss, Germany, March 08, 2012 --( How much detergent do you use in a week? Of course, way too much. Studies tell that a single person uses approximately 22lbs detergent a year. Households with children are often considerably above-average. This is an enormous burden for the environment, just thinking of the harmful surfactants and polluted waters (

But this is only part of the story. Let's be honest ...

What could be nicer than diving your fingers into cool, slimy finger paint? Letting the colorful fluid drop down from your fingers and then smoothing the paint on a white paper with a sweeping move?

Nothing. At least not for children. Of course, after such a creativity boost doing the laundry is indispensable. Also, there isn't always enough time to lay out old newspapers on your floor and take the old shirts out of the closet. Not to mention the following cleaning action with wiper, scrubbing brush and way too much detergent.

Infovole offers the solution: Sunny's Story Paint for the Apple® iPad®, a lovingly designed App for iPad specialists of pre-school-age, as Mum's (or Daddy's) iPad exudes magnetic Aura, that can compete with slimy finger paint. Magically, the color flows out of the fingers onto the screen. The sketched out motives are describing a situation, the beginning of a story. The children end this story using their fantasy and creativity.

The user interface is designed for children's abilities and the features are easily learned.

The finished paintings can be saved to the iPad's camera roll and sent directly to the grandparents via e-mail. There is also a feature for emptying the ink cartridges of your printer.

Save the environment, paint digitally! (At least every now and then.)

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