Survey Finds That Marketers Ignore Their Most Valuable Lead Source

Marketers undertake all kinds of actions and efforts in order to generate leads. However they ignore the visitors on the website as they don’t explore the potential leads.

London, United Kingdom, March 07, 2012 --( A poll amongst marketers in B2B has revealed that many efforts are being made to generate leads from all possible channels but the visitors on the website are left untouched.

Marketers in B2B use email campaigns, direct mail, call centers, cold calls, advertising, trade shows, conferences, white papers, press releases, content marketing and even social media marketing to generate leads. These are followed-up rather well in most cases.

All of these marketing efforts will also promote the website as it is mentioned on or in all marketing communications, resulting in driving traffic to the website.

Additionally marketers will use SEO to get even more traffic on the website from organic searches.

However once the potential customer or an existing customer lands on the website, the expectation is that this person will contact the company. This hardly happens as industry results show an average below 3% of the visitors contacting the company.

Instead marketers should exploit the potential of the visitors on the website as most are looking for a solution related to the products of the company. This potential can only be exploited by knowing the visitors and their interest and contacting these interested companies.

LEADSExplorer solves this problem by:
- Revealing the companies visiting
- Identifying their interest: search terms used, pages visited
- Level of interest: duration of visit, time on pages, returning visitors

Using the build-in re-targeting by email solution marketing or sales can conveniently send out emails using templates that are directly matching the interest of the company at that very moment.

More information can be found on the LEADSExplorer website.

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