Leading Designer Children’s Boutique Balloons, Increase Their Offering of Teenager Clothes from Designer Fashion Labels Such as “Miss Sixty”

Balloons Designer Childrenswear believes there are few designer clothes stores that cater exclusively for the teenager designer fashion market.

Nottingham, United Kingdom, May 23, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Nottingham UK, online Children’s clothes store – Balloons Designer Childrenswear – is now offering leading teenager fashion brands such as Miss Sixty and Replay which appeal specifically to the teen fashion market. Balloons also offer a wide range of children’s and baby designer clothes. Visit www.balloonsweb.co.uk or call 0115 9455829 to find out more.

Miss Sixty Teenager Fashion
Miss Sixty is one of the leading Italian clothes brands whose designs attract the teenager fashion market. Miss Sixty produces attractive yet sophisticated clothes for girls and teenagers aged between 8 and 16 years. Miss Sixty’s children’s and teenager fashion is typical of the 1970s decade; a sense of glamour but with a downtown edge. Their latest collection sold at Balloons Designer Childrenswear features exuberant coloured jackets and t-shirts and a range of denim pedal pushers giving a stylish yet comfortable look.

Replay Teenager Clothes
Teenager clothes by Replay are also becoming increasingly popular amongst the teen market. Their innovative denim style dominates their clothing style, but they also offer additional fashion items such as polo shirts and vest tops that compliment their denim collection.

Teenager Fashion Clothing
Georgina Collicutt of Balloons Designer Childrenswear comments: “Whilst there are an abundance of high street clothes stores for teenagers, there are not many boutiques that cater exclusively for the designer-brand teenager fashion market. Miss Sixty and Replay are two of the leading designer brands that are most popular with teenagers and we are pleased to offer their latest summer collection.”

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