A Penny for Your Razr Phone Thoughts

The Razr Phone is to the cell phone what the iPod is to the mp3 player: Hot Bling.

Elkhart, IN, May 23, 2007 --(PR.com)-- “Chirp-a-bleep, beat, beat.” You have heard that sound. A cell phone rings, and someone whips out their phone. Not just any phone. One that is thin and cool looking. A Razr Phone. You look on with envy.

The Motorola Razr Phone continues to be the cell phone that causes the most envious and longing stares from those whose cell phones are more bland. The stares are especially envious among those who do not yet own a cell phone at all.

“The bling factor is as all American as it gets,” says Jeff Young, spokesman for www.AllAmericanBling.com describing the Razr Phone. “Americans are busy. The have limited time. Yet Americans want to be cool, and look cool. All this comes together in the Razr Phone. This cell phone lets you stay connected and manage your time, all the while looking cool and feeling bling about your phone.”

“This phone organizes your phone numbers, organizes your messages, organizes your pictures, organizes your life into a connection point. And you can choose a ring tone with personality.” said Young.

“That’s why we are so excited about the new offer we are now able to make. AllAmericanBling.com now has Motorola Razr Phones available for one cent!” said Young. “Razr Phone Bling is a mainstay of our site. We sell tons of Razr Phone faceplate covers, Bluetooth headsets, and other accessories. We know the blingheads who enjoy our site will be excited about being able to purchase a Razr Phone for one penney.”

According to the spokesman for AllAmericanBling.com, the Razr Phone comes in many colors and styles, in many different models with different features. Built-in cameras and mp3 players are some of the most popular features available. The Razr Phone is the best selling cell phone in the world, sometimes being called the “iPod” of its niche, dominating the cell phone market in the same way the Apple iPod dominates the mp3 player market.

Young stated he did not know how long the one cent Razr Phone offer would last, but that it would be a “limited time.” Those limited time cell phone offers can be found at www.allamericanbling.com/bestrazrphonedeals.shtml.

AllAmericanBling.com is a new shopping and gift web site from Vista Virtual, LLC. The web site keeps consumers up with the latest “bling” including toys, mp3 players, jewelry, and the latest in clothing, as well as cell phones.

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