How to do Your Own Cute Nails Free - App by Webelinx Shows Users How to Create Stylish Nail Designs

iPad Application that Has Photos, Videos and Tips for Creating a Great Number of the Latest Nail Arts.

Nis, Serbia and Montenegro, March 08, 2012 --( Webelinx has developed a new application for iPad that teaches users how to take care of their nails and create dashing nail art designs by watching photos and video tutorials. This application has more than 300 photos, videos and tips for having gorgeous nails and can be downloaded from App Store.

“How to Do Your Own Cute Nails Free” allows users to learn how to create amazing nail designs on their own by watching step-by-step tutorials. Users can also watch photos of the latest nail arts and discover the latest nail art trends. Textual tips teach users how to take care of their nails, and teach them all the nail care secrets for healthy and strong nails. In addition to learning how to take care of their nails and create stylish nail arts, users also have the opportunity to order nail polishes, manicure kits and other nail care products directly from this application.

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Webelinx LLC, based in Nis, Serbia, is a prospective company for high-quality and adequate development of applications for mobile devices. Webelinx also offers wide variety of services from web design to marketing solutions. And from this wide range of services, Webelinx team highlights the development of the first music game for iPhone, called Tap Song, which is a fun way of playing different instruments and singing.

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