Roadrunner Agency Releases New Huck® Rivet Tools: the “Big Guns”

Bay Village, OH, March 08, 2012 --( Roadrunner Agency Inc. has just announced that they have released the new “big guns” into their inventory of available Huck® rivet tools that are provided by the wholesale sales agency and GAGE BILT.

Roadrunner Agency and GAGE BILT proudly announce the release of the: GB2620, GBP2628, GBP2630, GBP7624B and GB7720 installation tools for the installation of 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, and 7/8, C50L® Huckbolts®, LD Avedeloks®, Huck® BOM®, Avbolts®, 12MM, 16MM, and 20MM Huckfit Huckbolts®.

GAGE BILTS' big guns are used primarily for railroad and truck industries, and the heavy duty, high clamp (up to 40,000 lbs / 178kN) tools are also used for ships, bridges, mining, cranes and construction. GAGE BILT also manufactures a full line of smaller guns for commercial and aerospace uses.

Roadrunner Agency Inc. is a wholesale sales manufacturer representative that assists customers with establishing a connection between the manufacturers of Huck® rivet tools and leading distributors in the industry such as Transdyne Inc. The team at Roadrunner Agency becomes a trusted ally, providing information about tools, and assists with maintaining the relationships between all parties.

Roadrunner Agency has “how-to” videos on their website and welcomes questions about the new Huck® rivet tools that are now available through their service.

For more information on Roadrunner Agency Inc. and the new Huck® rivet tools visit,

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