Incontinence Supplies Retailer Disposable Medical Express Promotes Its Range of Scandishake Weight Gain Products

Disposable underwear company Disposable Medical Express is now promoting its stock of Scandishake weight gain formula products to its clientele.

Minneapolis, MN, March 08, 2012 --( Disposable Medical Express recently announced its new range of Scandishake weight gain products, an addition to its extensive inventory of incontinence supplies, mobility aids, creams and ointments, hygiene products, and more. Available online at, Scandishake formula is designed to help patients suffering from illnesses or a low BMI gain weight and strength in a way that is healthy and sustainable.

“Scandishake is a widely revered brand in the world of dietary supplements. Designed to add calories to the diets of patients who need to gain or maintain their weights healthfully, Scandishake’s weight gain formula products contain a high fat content, a range of essential vitamins and minerals, and a full 14 grams of protein per serving, all of which combine to ensure that consumers receive all the nutrition they might otherwise be missing out on. While originally created for cystic fibrosis patients, Scandishake is appropriate for everyone who struggles to maintain a healthy weight and needs to ensure they receive all necessary nutritional supplements,” said Josh Davies, the CEO of the incontinence supplies online retailer.

Scandishake products are always gluten-free and are also kosher certified for religious consumers. Available in delicious flavors like vanilla and strawberry, Disposable Medical Express’ range of Scandishake supplements also includes lactose-free and sugar-free formulas for customers with dietary restrictions. The sweet and creamy formula can be mixed with both regular and soy milks for a flavorful and calorie-rich beverage – a single serving of Scandishake formula mixed with eight ounces of milk is approximately 600 calories, making the system an efficient way for those with illnesses to gain needed pounds.

Available in a variety of different permutations and sizes on Disposable Medical Express, the classic Scandishake weight gain formula is being sold for new, consumer-friendly discounts on the disposable briefs supplier’s site. The introductory four pack is available in vanilla and strawberry for only $14.95., with the 24 pack selling for $69.95 and the 36 pack selling for $99.95. In addition to milk, Scandishake formula can also be effectively mixed with different fruit juices, sodas, casseroles, sauces, and desserts, depending on each consumer’s preferences.

For its customers with dietary restrictions, Disposable Medical Express also currently offers a lactose-free version of its product, available in vanilla. The lactose-free Scandishake formula is priced concurrently with Scandishake’s classic formula, making it an accessible option. For diabetic consumers or others who wish to avoid consuming an excessive amount of sugar, Scandishake additionally markets a version of its product that is sweetened with aspartame in lieu of glucose and sugar. The aspartame weight game formula, currently being sold in vanilla, comes in an 18-ounce can (priced at $19.99) and a case of six 18-ounce cans, available for an affordable $99.99. For more information, the disposable underwear supply site makes its customer service staff available to clients via a web-hosted live chat feature, and also offers benefits including same day shipping, an opt-in auto-ship program for product refills, and discrete service.

To connect with the incontinence supplies site, go online at or call 800-592-2848. The company is also accessible at and

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