Mobile Auto Detailing Company Spotlights Overland Park

The Kansas City based mobile auto detailing company, KC Detailing, aims to dramatically increase business in the Overland Park neighborhood in Spring of 2012. Expectations are high as the company rides a wave of momentum still carrying over from last year.

Overland Park, KS, March 08, 2012 --( If you live in Kansas City you know that Overland Park, Kansas is the place for luxury and high-end autos. Driving through residential streets and business parking lots can be akin to window shopping at a gently used new car lot. With such a high concentration of Mercedes, BMWs and Lexus in one place KC Detailing, a fully mobile auto detailing company, has set their sites on the neighborhood.

Overland Park has been part of KC Detailing’s service area for years. However, beginning in spring of 2012 the auto detailing company has decided to make a hard push into the market. The company plans to increase Overland Park auto detailing business from approximately %65 of their total business to %80.

In recent years auto detailing competition has increased in the Overland Park area. In spite of this, owner and founder Tim Dodd remains confident the business can maintain an edge on the market. “There are a lot of places to get a car wash in the area,” comments Dodd, “but far fewer professional auto detailing companies in Overland Park. Many owners of cars with a value of over $60,000 don’t want to take their cars through an automatic car wash. Once you remove all of the quick wash companies from the list of local options, only a handful are left. Besides that, nobody has invented the drive through interior car wash yet.”

The Kansas City auto detailing company has discovered that Overland Park residents enjoy one thing in particular about their company: full mobility. Dodd remarks, “We’ve found that Overland Park residents especially enjoy our unique niche in the detailing market: we are fully mobile. Many people in this neighborhood are business owners with very little time. The idea of having a company come to their home on their day off to take care of their cars is very enticing as opposed to waiting in a detail shop for several hours on a Saturday. That and, of course, we do a great job.”

KC Detailing wants to do more than launch a large marketing campaign in the neighborhood. They want to be a bit more personal. Coupled with a reputation for delivering the details and their complete mobility, the car detailing company highly values customer service. “We want to find employees who will treat our customers just as well as the cars they are detailing,” discuss Dodd, “This is especially important since we are at our customer’s homes. We want to remember that we are guests, treat them like royalty and keep a good reputation.” With that in mind KC Detailing is always looking to connect with the neighbors while they are out and offer a discount on future jobs from referrals.

Only time will reveal the fruit of the Kansas City auto detailing company’s labors. But, if they keep their present focus and momentum, this journalist’s opinion is that they will do well. Overland Park residents can see more information for their area by visiting

KC Detailing
Isaac Anderson