Digicon Media Recreates VM2-Virtual Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe's "Persona" Reborn as VM2-Virtual Marilyn in Milestone Copyright Registration

Los Angeles, CA, March 08, 2012 --(PR.com)-- On the 50th anniversary of her death, the Marilyn Monroe "persona" created by Norma Jean Dougherty has been officially recreated as a computer generated personality. "The U.S. Copyright Office's registration of VM2 as a virtual actress adopting the persona of Marilyn Monroe is a milestone in the convergence of Hollywood, Madison Avenue and the internet," declared Becky Altringer, Manager of Digiconmedia.net, the holder of exclusive licensing rights to the newly registered copyright. "Advances in computer generated animation and global broadband Internet links now make it viable for a virtual personality to 'live' in cyberspace and interact with a global Internet audience."

Through computer generated live motion capture animation over the internet and television, and in all other digital media, VM2 will be able to develop a career as a virtual actor, singer, writer and cultural figure with the interaction of a global audience linked through social media networks.

The Marilyn Monroe "persona" created by Norma Jean Dougherty personified her ideal of the liberated woman of the 1960s- beautiful, intelligent, independent, sensuous, and on a par with any successful man, including sports, literary and political icons of her generation. That "persona" was embraced after her death and iconized by the global popular culture. Now a global audience linked for the first time by social media on the internet will join in advancing that virtual persona through VM2 to collectively create the idealized woman of the 21st century.

An attorney for the Estate of Marilyn Monroe, Paul Bost, described VM2 as "wholly recreating Ms Monroe to serve as a model and actress lending her cache derived from and based on Marilyn Monroe's persona to whatever product or service she appears on behalf of."

While VM2 was officially created in 1996 when Sony hired her to host a Global Distributor's Conference as the best example of what the future of avatar based computing looked like, the computer technology and internet capabilities, including social media networking, did not reach a critical mass to launch VM2's career until now.

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