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The quickening evolution on how search engines are delivering search results based on fresh, highly-relevant content is outpacing a company's ability to deliver streams of fresh content.

Charlotte, NC, March 09, 2012 --( The Idea People have always included content development and content marketing with creative design services…whether it was for print, web, social media or video. Creative and targeted content writing and content marketing is the most essential element for properly communicating with a target audience.

Imagine brochures, letters, advertisements or websites without content…it just makes no sense. The written word is still the driving element to motivate and cause people to react (outside of video, of course). And it is hard to find really good content developers who are also content marketers. Content developers write content. Content marketers write content and deliver it in the correct format to a targeted audience.

With the algorithm evolution at Google focused more on delivering relevant content to searchers, there will be a resulting boom in companies hiring their own content developers and content marketers. And why not? If the search engines are going to focus the delivery of search results based on the freshest, most relevant content, then companies will need to develop a content development and content marketing strategy…not only for the web, but for how the company delivers messaging across every medium.

Predictions for Content Marketing – from The Idea People
1. Writing custom content for the web will continue to strengthen and grow in importance as the search engines take the lead from Google on delivering the freshest, most-relevant content to searchers;
2. Digital agencies that can offer clients both a creative design and content marketing service (like they do at The Idea People) will be in high demand;
3. Companies will begin to adopt content development and content marketing strategies…not only for the web but for all customer communication channels;
4. We will see new job titles emerge at progressive and smart companies…Director of Content Marketing, Vice President of Company Content, Director of Content Communications;
5. A tighter partnership between “creative web design” and “content development” will emerge as the search engines reward websites that “look and feel appropriate” matched with “fresh, highly-relevant” content.

“We have always supported the blending of creative design with custom content development and content marketing,” said Jay Joyce of The Idea People. “Because we can offer both a professional creative design impact mirrored with custom content development in-house, we bring our clients a powerful opportunity to seamlessly evolve with better search engine results right along with Google.”

To learn more about custom content development and content marketing, please contact Jay Joyce at The Idea People at 704-398-4437 or email The Idea People work with every client on custom creative design blended with focused content development across web, print, marketing, social media and video.

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