ATZEN at the Secret Room Event Pampers 2012 Oscar Celebrities

While honoring the 84th Annual Academy Award Nominees and Presenters at the lavish L’Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills ATZEN helped to raise money and awareness for The Humane Society of the United States.

Los Gatos, CA, March 09, 2012 --( While honoring the 84th Annual Academy Award Nominees and Presenters at the lavish L’Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills ATZEN helped to raise money and awareness for The Humane Society of the United States.

“We’re pleased to be involved with Secret Room Events, as it affords The Humane Society of the United States the opportunity to connect with caring celebrities - the perfect fit with our Hollywood Outreach Program, which promotes animal protection issues in film and television media.” - The Human society of the United States.

ATZEN was the only green, all natural ingredient skin care company selected for this star-studded event. “It is a high honor to be selected to showcase and share our amazing products at such a high profile setting. The celebrities loved our products, the media scrambled for more information to report, and we had a great time!” – Alex Quan, President of ATZEN Inc.

200 celebrities visited the Secret Room and gave raving revuews after receiving and testing ATZEN products. Here is one of the many quotes received: "Those are exactly the ingredients my skin needs," referring to INTACT DNA, Peptides, Apple Stem Cells, Acai, ATP that gives energy to her skin cells, Green Tea "the synergy of ingredients makes sense to repair!” -Kate Flannery, star of hit television show The Office:

“I can remember how impressed she was with the Protective Day Cream, the Night Recovery Cream, and the DNA Repair Serum; she loved the green tea organic fragrance and the impressive list of actives; she got it - how ATZEN is different. We discussed the INTACT™ DNA in detail. She could not wait to go home to use the Eye Lift Serum.” – Catherine Atzen, Founder of ATZEN

“The responses from celebrities were phenomenal. They love our products! Sometimes we forget that celebrities deal with skin issues like the rest of us. We are excited to share our products with them.” – Alex Quan, President of ATZEN.

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“I love the Secret Room suites! They always have so many wonderful new products, with some previous popular ones in the mix. But my favorite aspect of them is always the fabulous pre-made goodie bags given to VIPs. ATZEN Skin Care—they have four different lines, which it’s hard to choose among. What’s more important—anti-aging or cellulite removal? I guess that one of these days, I’ll have to start figuring that out.” - Karen Salkins –

A leading provider of quality and highly effective skin care products based in Los Gatos, CA. The company founder has rejoined the company after over a decade. With her partner Alex Quan, both of them UC Berkeley Haas and Columbia business school grad, the two believe the primary objective of a company is not solely to produce profits at all cost but it also has a responsibility to do what’s right for the communities in which it operates. To that end, after taking back control of the company, they have moved the manufacturing from France to the U.S. “We have so many talented people in our country, let’s put our people to work and stop outsourcing jobs overseas,” said Alex Quan, President of ATZEN.

ATZEN products are the culmination of decades of research, field experiences, and customer feedback. Their latest reformulation of the entire line was inspired and made possible by recent scientific breakthroughs, ingredients, and advanced technology. ATZEN products are paraben free, pharmaceutical grade antioxidant formulation, natural emulsifiers from olives, scientifically advanced active ingredients (organic when available) derived from sustainable and renewable sources.

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Pictures of Ms. Catherine Atzen and Mr. Alex Quan @ the Secret Room Event are available.

“The pictured celebrities were at our table and are using our products, and Kate Flannery among others was very enthusiastic,” comments Ms. Atzen.

Ms. Atzen and Mr. Quan are also available for interviews.

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