Bridgeway Software’s Getting Legal Done to Utilize KIIAC

KIIAC President and CEO Kingsley Martin announces that Bridgeway’s Getting Legal Done (GLD), will incorporate the patented KIIAC technology into its contract management solution.

Washington, DC, March 09, 2012 --( Marking another important extension of KIIAC, LLC products and services into the legal marketplace, KIIAC President and CEO Kingsley Martin has announced that Bridgeway’s Getting Legal Done (GLD), will incorporate the patented KIIAC technology into its contract management solution.

The integration enables users of GLD to seamlessly draft, standardize and manage a contract throughout its term.

KIIAC has developed the first, and only, contract analysis technology that automatically establishes contract standards and drafting templates. At the core of kiiac’s offerings is a patented, highly-innovative contract analysis engine which provides law firms and corporate law departments with model legal documents and the ability to create and maintain document templates and clause libraries specific to their needs.

“This integration provides efficiency with precision,” states Martin, “allowing the user to seamlessly work on drafting a contract within kiiac and then, via a push of a button, upload it to GLD’s contract management system. This one-step process saves legal departments and law firms time and money.”

“GLD’s utilization of kiiac’s document automation and benchmarking functionality provides unprecedented business value to our customers – it’s like document assembly on steroids,” says Patrick O’Donnell, CEO of Bridgeway Software, Inc.

Through KIIAC, a five-hour contract review is reduced to minutes simply by ‘benchmarking’ to compare the contract being reviewed to a reference standard, highlighting the non-conforming clauses, recommending more appropriate conforming clauses, and, most importantly, identifying critical clauses absent from the document.

KIIAC’s sophisticated technology can analyze any set of agreements and automatically determine what clauses the agreement contains, how those clauses are organized, and the range of standard and non-standard language used in each clause. The software generates an outline or checklist of the standard terms and specific variations. It also creates a clause library for each deal term, identifies the core, non-negotiated language and the full range of alternatives. Additionally, the benchmarking feature provides a tool for participants to compare their contracts to the analysis of other user’s agreements. The benchmark report shows what clauses match the analysis, and the degree of match, what clauses are specific to the contract, and what clauses may be potentially missing.


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