Festus MO Real Estate Owner Celebrates Return of Family Heirlooms Consisting of 2 WWI Medals

Margaret Means, a Festus MO real estate owner, recently celebrated the return of two WWI medals that belonged to Dr. Earnest W. Slusher. Means had been a distant relation of the prominent physician.

Arnold, MO, March 09, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Since June 2011, the pair of World War I medals had been a part of the exhibit of the Missouri State Museum. An accidental discovery of the medals in a safety deposit box eventually led to its turnover to the office of State Treasurer and labeled as surplus property. It was only a chance reading of an article that featured the artifacts which led to Means’ discovery of their family’s lost heirlooms.

Dr. Slusher’s descendant had chanced upon an article written in the St. Louis Post Dispatch. The article had provided comprehensive details about the medals and the story behind its discovery. The article had also referred to the engraving on its back, which bore the rank and name of Dr. Earnest W. Slusher.

Albeit bemused at how the medals had been taken from the family’s possession, Festus MO real estate owner Margaret Means had immediately contacted the source of the article and had hence since received the return of the WWI medals back into the family fold.

In spite of suffering from severe gassing, Slusher had showed a remarkable display of persistence and compassion as he continued providing medical care and service to wounded French and American soldiers for over two days. When the war ended, the doctor had returned to Kansas City and resumed operation of his practice. His courageous and exemplary actions in the battlefield near Charpentry France from September 29 to 30 in 1918 had not gone unnoticed as he was also later selected as the recipient of the Croix de Guerre or the Cross of War from the French government as well as the Distinguished Service Cross of the U.S. government.

Dr. Slusher spent the remainder of his days living in his home in Hyde Park and passed away in 1957.

In a news release last Thursday, Treasurer Zweifel described the late major as someone who had offered his service in the “fullest of his abilities” in two wars and remained in service afterwards by offering medical care to the Kansas community.

In reference to the return of the medals to Festus MO real estate owner Margaret Means, Zweifel had also said the return would allow for the late doctor’s legacy to live on through future generations.

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