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I.D.milano Product Development are offering financial incentives to encourage the development of “Green” consumer products.

Milan, Italy, May 23, 2007 --( Product Designers are in an awkward position. On the one hand, they are acutely aware of green issues and the impact that consumer products have on the environment. For example, some of the issues that Designers need to consider when contemplating a new product are Design for Assembly and dis-Assembly, Design for Simplicity, and Material Selection for the Environment. On the other hand, their job, by definition, is concerned with the creation of physical goods that require energy to manufacture, distribute and use. Essentially, Designers are helping to create goods that will consume and pollute, while being fully aware of this these issues.

In order to reduce the frustration of this awkward position, I.D.milano Product Development is offering financial incentives to help any company that is pursuing a Green strategy. According to principal, Fabio Moneta, “...the goals are twofold. Firstly, to help the Product Designers sleep better at night, and, secondly, to help offset some of the additional costs that manufacturers inevitably face when developing a product with the environment in mind.”

When asked to put a number on the benefit to clients, he said that “...any quotation for a new product development program that can be generaly considered to have a net positive effect on the environment will be reduced up to 30% off our standard rates.”

Mr. Moneta went on to explain that some examples of such products might be a product that helps consumers reduce their carbon footprint through reduced home heating requirements or, perhaps, something that encourages less dependence on fossil fuels for transportation.


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