Artist Paul Jauregui Launches Crowdfunding Campaign on to Fund Environmental Interactive Exhibit, Ranas Sanar: Healing Frogs

Artist and environmentalist creates crowdfunding project on to expand his unique interactive environmental exhibit.

Austin, TX, March 09, 2012 --( Austin-based artist Paul Jauregui hopes to make it a little easier being green with his Healing Frogs. His visionary passion for Ranas Sanar is to create a unique interactive conservation awareness project primed to educate, innovate and transform conceptions of climate change through art.

Ranas Sanar was first conceived in 2008 while Jauregui was living in Quito, Ecuador. His mission for the show is to encompass multi-faceted art installations of amphibious creatures as ambassadors for the environment.

“Frogs are the thermometers of climate change. One-third of the species are facing extinction, and they are traveling pharmacies. Cures for humanity are being found in the skin of the most exotic frogs on this planet,” cites Jauregui.

On the heels of a successful exhibit in 2008, Jauregui wished to see it reach a broader audience, with more installations all over the world. His ultimate dream was to mount a traveling art show inspired by the seven colors of the rainbow and the Seven Wonders of the World.

“This uplifting interactive art experience appeals to all of the senses. I want to bring the rainforest to the world, creating inspiration into new environmental education,” said Jauregui.

To fulfill his mission and raise the needed seed capital of $50,000, Jauregui has launched a campaign on, a new crowdfunding and educational platform that connects passionate individuals and organizations with green supporters devoted to making a difference in the world.

The project will also help Amphibian Ark, a Global Conservation Network project, fill its mission to investigate frog extinction and contribute to affected communities in the South American rainforest. The Global Conservation Network will receive 5% of all funding contributed to this campaign.

Through his art, it is not Jauregui’s desire to unlock the hidden mysteries of the planet, but rather tell a story, through his imaginative lens, bringing people together in a new way that will uplift and engage them.

“I feel the world has come [up] empty handed,” said Jauregui. “Children need new methodologies on information.”

To learn more and to help seed Jauregui’s campaign, visit his project at

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