New, Exceptionally Efficient Cylindrical Infrared Heaters for OEMs

Hawthorne, NJ, March 09, 2012 --( Anderson Thermal Devices Inc. now offers cylindrical “clam shell” infrared heaters to OEMs. These heaters provide intense, precisely controlled heat at medium wavelength that completely surrounds the product for uniform and efficient heat transfer. These modular infrared heaters utilize clear or opaque quartz tubes in the center with heating elements wrapped around the outer surface of the quartz. This combination allows for maximum efficiency and high rates of heat transfer.

Even at high temperatures, insulation keeps the outside skin at 120°for operator safety. This design is suitable for vertical and horizontal mounting. Stacking multiple units permits faster line speeds. Typical products heat treated with this design are fiberglass, wire, tube , hose and profiles.

This unit’s design allows for easy operator threading and cleaning. Manufacturing not needing easy access can use other infrared heater designs - specifically the solid and keyhole configurations. Its space age insulation minimizes heat loss into the work area making them exceptionally efficient. Drying, heating, sintering and curing applications can be run on this clam shell design. This specific model can be viewed at

Based in Hawthorne New Jersey, Anderson Thermal Devices provides state-of-the-art cylindrical infrared heaters, panel heaters, and quartz infrared heaters (lamps) to OEMs within the process heating industry. To learn more about process heating solutions available through Anderson Thermal Devices contact John McKechnie, National Sales Manager, at or the Infrared Hotline 800-720-5256. More technical information including white papers can be found at


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