Ghana HR Solutions Corporate Human Resource Workshop

Ghana HR Solutions Corporate HR Workshop provides participants with practical tools for aligning Talent with dynamic business needs. Workshop is facilitated by very experienced HR practitioners with over 15 years experience in the business. Through round table discussions participants will be taken through three basic approaches for leveraging organizational talent in the face of the new challenges confronting today’s organizations.

Accra, Ghana, March 10, 2012 --( The title for the workshop is; Talent Management Strategies: Getting Talent to work for you. (The New Agenda)

Organizations today face serious workforce challenges that cut across industry, size and geographic location: The challenge for most organisations is the need to

Have sustained access to the right talent despite changing demographics.

Have a ready supply of leaders to take advantage of new opportunities and drive continued performance.

Determine how much to invest in which parts of the workforce to get the best results/return.

Organisational needs therefore serves as the underlying reason why effective talent management is a growing priority for organizations worldwide. With competition for key talent on the increase, HR Practitioners must ensure that their organisations have

The people they need – now and in the future – to execute their business strategy

Leaders who can drive success in the organizations’ unique context and culture

To do this, the proactive HR Practitioner must embrace new talent management thinking and approaches and focus on consistently making the right talent decisions.

This workshop provides the HR Practitioner with practical approaches for aligning talent with dynamic business needs, by focusing on

a. Talent requirements, segmentation and critical roles and
b. Workforce planning

Course Objectives

At the end of the course participants will learn practical approaches for

-- Building workforce capabilities to drive business performance, through
- Role profiles and competency models
- Career management strategies and
- Manager training
-- Building or improving the pipeline of ready, capable leaders through
- Organisational leadership development
- Assessment
- Development
-- Succession planning and
-- Leadership Alignment
- Accelerate workforce performance and productivity through
-- Performance requirements
-- Goals and accountabilities
-- Pay for performance
-- Well designed programs and policies
-- Reliable selection and implementation of good technologies

Course presented by a top HR Practitioner ably supported by the Ghana HR Team.

Ghana HR Solutions
Michael Kuma Avuglah