Seattle-Based Startup Cracks the QR Code to Revolutionize the Lost-and-Found Experience

Lost-and-found tech startup, FoundIt!, will release new labels and tags at SXSW 2012 featuring ultra durability and innovative QR codes to improve the user experience.

Austin, TX, March 10, 2012 --( At SXSW 2012, lost-and-found tech startup FoundIt! will officially release the second generation of their unique ID stickers, now featuring QR codes and extreme durability.

The goal of these upgrades? A revolution in how lost items are returned. And that means designing for the Finder as much as the FoundIt! Member.

“Some people go extraordinary lengths to return items to their rightful owner,” remarked Marketing Director Katie Bandstra, “but the reality is the vast majority of us are well-intentioned, but just don’t know how to contact the owner. FoundIt! makes it incredibly easy for a Finder to do the right thing, right away.”

FoundIt!’s ID system already makes it simple to contact the owner of a lost item, and now with QR codes, it’s even easier. When an item tagged with a FoundIt! ID is discovered, the Finder follows the instructions to enter the FoundIt! ID into the secure system either by text or at the website The new QR codes remove this step of the process completely; the Finder simply scans the code which prompts their smartphone to text the FoundIt! ID right into FoundIt!’s system. No manual entry required.

Brand Consultant Erica Rosen applauds FoundIt! for their innovative use of QR Codes, “So many companies don’t know how to properly use QR Codes and end up using them as unnecessary placeholders or just linking to a basic website – FoundIt!, on the other hand, is delivering on a real need, connecting people with meaningful information with very little effort. You can be someone’s hero at the push of a button.”

In addition to the new technology, FoundIt! has upgraded their labels to be not only ultra scratch-resistant, but also dishwasher and laundry-safe in an effort to encourage members to move beyond just tagging tech items and to consider other everyday items they would hate to lose. “We listened to our member’s feedback, and we learned they wanted to tag wearable items like lucky hats, jackets and glasses – it required a lot of R&D, but it was well worth it,” Bandstra noted.

With the launch underway, the company has committed itself to revolutionizing the return process. “What’s amazing is that 70% of lost-and-found items are never claimed,” said FoundIt! Community Director Nickerson Hill. “FoundIt! will help that number go down. Way down.”


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About FoundIt!
FoundIt! is an SMS/Email based lost-and-found retrieval network that connects members and finders seamlessly while keeping personal information private. Members label everyday items with their unique FoundIt! ID using durable stickers and tags and if they misplace an item, Finders follow the easy instruction to send the owner an instant FoundIt! Alert, allowing the parties to connect in a matter of minutes. The company was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Seattle, WA.
Erica Rosen