Revolutionary Easy Website Translation Service Goes Live at Launch Conference launches its website and application translation platform.

San Francisco, CA, March 10, 2012 --( a company with a uniquely easy to use service for website translation launched today at the Launch Festival in San Francisco ( Tolq translating a website is a process of just 10 clicks or less.

With its Launch conference officially presents its product to the world and offers affordable translations for everyone interested in taking their website or application outside their country’s borders. Translators have been gathered from all across the world, capable of translating to and from 184 different languages and eager to show all the advantages that Tolq has in store for their clients.

Translation services are certainly not a new type of service, nor is it one that lacks in supply. What Tolq does to distinguish itself from other translation providers is simple - they do it better.

Tolq has a system that allows the translators to directly interact with the existing website or application and translate the content on top of it, not harming the original in the process.

There are also different quality options available, such as professional individual translation, group translations and machine translations. In addition, Tolq can work with all kinds of websites and applications, including, but not limited to, content management systems, e-commerce engines, intranets, mobile, desktop applications, and many more. The Tolq assortment is huge and safely backed up by innovative technology that makes it all possible.

Tolq is an online company that offers its services to the whole world. It originates from Netherlands and is headquartered there, and also preparing to open up office in the United States. The services that Tolq offers include website translation and application translation and they are easily accessible to both individuals and companies around the world.

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