Trianz Solutions Releases a White Paper Entitled “Switching EDC Platforms to Rescue In-flight Clinical Trials”

Santa Clara, CA, March 11, 2012 --( Trianz Solutions, a global technology provider of innovative solutions in eClinical trials, today released a white paper entitled “Switching EDC Platforms to Rescue In-flight Clinical Trials.” The white paper examines how a robust EDC platform supports lower operating costs for the global life sciences market.

In today’s economic environment, life science companies continuously face challenges, particularly rising costs. Pharmaceuticals, Biotechs, CROs or Medical device manufactures spend considerable time in the selection process as it affects the entire ecosystem and involves considerable investment in time and effort to train those involved in the clinical trial process. At Trianz, the Acceliant EDC and professional services team have researched and identified causes for EDC failures leading clients to a state of “imbroglio” where any efforts do not produce positive results.

A few reasons for failure are highlighted in this white paper and include the following:

Functionality is incomplete and does not meet all requirements

Data errors and inconsistency in trials

Difficulty in usage and lack of scalability

Based on the input derived from several interviews and live trials, the Acceliant team developed a four-phase framework that highlights a structure to mitigate a state of “imbroglio.”

Ven Thangaraj, CTO of Acceliant, said, “Acceliant has spent close to a decade in clinical trials and we fully understand the industry requirements. Through this white paper, “Switching EDC Platforms to Rescue In-flight Clinical Trials,” we researched factors that could impact the success or failure in clinical trials. We delineated our findings to develop a framework to successfully migrate from a non-performing EDC platform.”

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Trianz Solutions is competitive in meeting the challenges of today's dynamic market conditions. The Acceliant eClinical Suite is a pre-eminent offering that continues its 11-year history of providing innovative solutions for the life sciences industry. The Acceliant eClinical Suite is robust, scalable, and flexible. It has been proven by more than 350 Phase I-IV trials, covering all therapeutic areas and medical device trials. Engineered for agility, our service model differentiators enable us to implement and deploy in response to the data, functional, and analytic needs of clinical trials.
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