StagePeaks to Produce 4 New [Authentic!] Works on UFOs/Abductions - - "Invaders from Mars Hill"

In 1953 the popular film "Invaders from Mars" inadvertently re-told the hidden story of the infamous 1947 'Roswell Incident(s)'; in which the Author David Seals and his family were intimately involved. Seals has been invited to the Roswell UFO Festival to talk about his father who was a B-29 pilot with the Army Air Corps, who married his mother from Flagstaff, where Percival Lowell's Observatory on Mars Hill first began the popular awareness of "Martians."

Flagstaff, AZ, March 11, 2012 --( Renowned director and author David Seals ('Powwow Highway' film and novel, etc.), is the Artistic Director of "StagePeaks", a new theatrical production company headquartered in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Among the first projects of the professional company is a 4-picture deal with the overall title of "Invaders from Mars Hill." All 4 scripts have been written, and re-written, in Development, around the famous Mars Hill near downtown Flagstaff, where astronomer Percival Lowell set up his telescopes and Observatory in the 1890s to study intelligent life on Mars, and elsewhere in the Solar System. He was the first prominent researcher to do so.

The first full-length feature is titled simply "Martian," but it is anything but a simple movie. It follows Lowell's intensive scientific studies of the Red Planet, over 20 years of constant observations on his state-of-the-art telescopes. A professor of mathematics at M.I.T. and a phi beta kappa graduate of Harvard, he was convinced until his dying day in 1916 there were intelligently-constructed Canals all over Mars, and he and his associate astronomers made hundreds of drawings and photographs to prove it. He also wrote 3 astronomy bestsellers about "Mars as the Abode of Life." The similarities to the character of the astronomer in the 1953 movie "Invaders from Mars" are also extrapolated in careful detail in the fast-moving and entertaining biography.

"In addition," Seals said in a press release, "My mother Kay Seals was born and raised in Flagstaff, and she said her father, Dave O'Brien, was a neighbor of Lowell and they knew each other very well. So that's just one of several intriguing family connections to the Extraterrestrial phenomenon."

The second Production goes much deeper into the personal drama, with the tele-play "Abduction at Flagstaff." A full-length script as well, this one has been in rehearsal for the stage production, about the struggles of the early O'Briens in Flagstaff, set on a summer day in 1940. Strange family stories and experiences of an extra-dimensional nature are re-lived, as well as serious, tragic consequences for them at the hands of local "powers-that-be" that try to steal their home, bulldoze ancestral tombstones, and finally force a lobotomy on Dave O'Brien, thus hinting at the terrible "Invaders" abducting them, in the town.

"Abduction at Roswell," published in 2008 and the subject of panel discussions with the author and other prominent abduction experts, at the Roswell UFO Festival, is the 3rd project of StagePeaks' "Invaders from Mars Hill". Kay O'Brien from Flagstaff (the author's mother, and only child of Dave O'Brien), married Air Corps lieutenant Jack Seals, in 1946 in Roswell, where he was a pilot instructor with the world famous 509th [atomic] Bomb Group which had bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. She later told hypno-therapists she and her husband were abducted by aliens in 1947, during the Flying Saucer incidents. Like the scenes in "Invaders from Mars" 6 years later in 1953, the boy named David, their son, saw them abducted, as well as his sister Kathy - also named exactly in the movie. - in 1956 when Capt. Seals and his family were stationed in Japan, and Kathy died under very mysterious circumstances too. [Psychiatric sessions in Denver, 1985-87, Mercy Hospital, Akanda and Pat Sawyer, licensed therapists]

The book has been the subject of extensive analysis and reporting in the global UFO Community. It also explores the connection of Lockheed-Martin Corp. with today's Lowell Observatory, still functioning as a major employer in town. Lockheed, who build ICBMs with nuclear warheads for the Pentagon, is a major funder of NASA, which is the major funder of Mars Hill.

The 4th ambitious project of "Invaders from Mars Hill" is the epic book "The Creation Myth," just published. Covering the writings of Lowell with a literate grammar, it gives a strong scientific background and foundation to the mythological narrative from ancient Egypt to modern Arizona, offering an esoteric understanding of the nature and identity of "Martians". The author - who has been an experienced actor as well, for 40 years - will narrate it, and recite the poetry in iambic pentameter blank verse, with documentary footage of the stars and the gods, much like the Carl Sagan mini-series "Cosmos."

This will complete the 5-year schedule of the 4 Works, requiring a lot of money and hundreds of technicians, actors, and educators, providing stable, high-paying jobs for the economy and culture of Northern Arizona.

David Seals