Biometric Time Clocks Manufacturer FingerTec USA Reveals Its Revolutionary Face Recognition System for Door Access

Fingerprint time clocks company FingerTec USA is announcing the launch of its latest product, the Face ID 3 biometric time clock and face recognition system.

Brooklyn, NY, March 11, 2012 --( Fingerprint time clock producer FingerTec USA recently unveiled the Face ID 3, the latest in its line of revolutionary time clock software systems. Unlike any of its previous fingerprint timeclocks, the Face ID 3 boasts high-tech facial recognition capability, which provides a contactless solution in biometrics recognition while also ensuring an unprecedented level of security. Available online at, the Face ID 3 offers a host of benefits to both homeowners and businesses, facilitating high-tech security solutions with optional attendance system integration.

“The Face ID 3 is a truly revolutionary release, and as a product showcases our continuing commitment to bringing highly advanced biometric time clock software to businesses and homeowners at price points that are still accessible. The Face ID 3 is FingerTec USA’s first completely contact-free computer timeclock, though companies can also opt to enable multiple verification methods, ranging from passwords to card scans. Using advanced infrared scanning technology to read the details of individuals’ faces, the Face ID 3 reaches new heights of security for commercial, corporate, and residential users,” said Ryan King, a technical manager at the fingerprint door lock company.

The slim and stylish Face ID 3, which clocks in at around four pounds, is lightweight and compact enough to be installed in a variety of locations with minimal hassle or difficulty. With a network of infrared scanners, the biometric time clock employs a revolutionary surface texture analysis (STA) algorithm, which creates a skinprint from an area of the face and mathematically deconstructs it to create a recognizable pattern that is assigned to each individual. By combining facial recognition with surface texture analysis, accurate facial identification can increase by up to 25%.

As an attendance system, the flexible Face ID 3 offers employers a high degree of functionality. Some of its unique features include a memory large enough to store the facial information of up to 4,000 individuals, as well as a color touchscreen, voice command options, and multiple verification support for especially enhanced security. The time track software is additionally pre-packaged with accompanying TCMS V2 in-house software, which allows for remote management of the computer timeclock, including the ability to generate reports. For added convenience, the timekeeping software offers its features in a variety of languages, including French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Polish, and more.

“We’re extremely proud of the Face ID 3, and think it can work for a really broad range of companies. We’re always looking to continually expand our advanced biometric time clock technology, and in addition to the groundbreaking face recognition software, the Face ID 3 offers such diverse features as multiple time zone capability, receipt printing, adept functioning up to 110 degrees, a card scanner, and 256 MB of flash memory, as well as multiple syncing and communication methods,” said King.

For more information about the Face ID 3, visit FingerTec USA online at, or call the company at 1-800-921-4270. FingerTec USA is also present on Facebook and Twitter at and, respectively, and also keeps a time track software blog at

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