Stars Gymnastics Wins "Why Our Team Deserves to Win Running Funky Tights" Video Contest announces winner of Facebook Teen Teams Video contest.

Colorado Springs, CO, March 13, 2012 --( Running Funky, announced the official winner of the “Why Our Team Deserves to Win Running Funky Tights” video contest. The contest was designed to engage high school teams in convincing the viewing audience, by means of a short video, why they deserve to win up to eight matching tights in the pattern of their choice from Running Funky.

The teams worked hard to convince Running Funky’s facebook page friends who voted with their “likes.” The videos featured teams showing off their abilities and making humorous and touching claims as to why they deserve the team tights. In the end, there was one first place winner, Stars Gymnastics (Colorado). Their video showcased not only their amazing talents, but their videography abilities as well. Stars gymnastics convinced 484 of Running Funky's facebook friends that Stars deserves matching capris because it’s cold in Colorado, capris help it hurt less when they fall on the balance beam, the funky designs help make the daily grind a bit more fun, and mostly, they deserve to match because they are not just a team, they are a family.

Stars was awarded eight pair of tights in the pattern they chose.

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