Wee WEDGiTS 5 Piece Set Wedges its Way into a Gold Award at Family Review Center

Serena Phillips, Sr. Editor at Family Review Center announced today that the center has issued the prestigious Gold Award to the people at ImagAbility, Inc. for their toy “Wee WEDGiTS 5 piece set.”

Seattle, WA, May 24, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Phillips shared “The Wee WEDGiTS 5 piece set by ImagAbility, Inc. is a safe, educational toy that infants and toddlers alike will both enjoy and learn with. 5 pieces of different color, size and shape allow for endless possibilities when young hands and minds get ahold of them. The Wee WEDGiTS 5 piece allows for each child to express their creative ability in their own way, learning as they build in a myriad of ways, stacking and nesting the pieces together. The big educational punch that this little toy brings told our panel of judges that an award was in order.”

Phillips added the following information “The pieces are made of safe, soft, non-toxic phthalate free poly-vinyl and come in bright primary colors. The set of 5 pieces is fully expandable, to allow growth in development and fun. Infants age 1 and up will love this educational toy, and will find multiple ways to interact with it.”

“When it comes to play time, there is nothing better than handing a child a toy that they will enjoy, yet learn with as well. This allows us as parents the joy in knowing we are doing our best to ensure a bright future for our children. Companies that allow us this possibility need to be commended for their service. This is what we have done with ImagAbility, Inc., is said thank you for a service well rendered, by granting them this award,” said Phillips.

This award winning product can be viewed in full here:

The company’s website is viewable here: wedgits.com

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Serena Phillips