Real Time Sales Coaching Introduced by Techno Power Media

Techno Power Media releases revolutionary new service.

San Diego, CA, March 14, 2012 --( Cutting edge provider of technology based marketing campaigns Techno ( Power ( Marketing ( has announced the introduction of their latest revolutionary service; Real Time Sales Coaching.

No longer do managers have to clear entire floors of sales associates to send them off to attend training events that offer no guarantees as to whether or not the principles taught will be followed. No longer do members of sales staffs have to sit through hours of dry and boring slide show presentations to receive information which they may or may not implement. With Real Time Sales Coaching, the training happens in real time, while sales associates speak on the phone with actual prospects to close actual deals; all the while chatting via the web with a seasoned and accomplished sales coach. The sales coach listens in on the call between the sales person and the prospect to feed the sales person advice and instruction on how to close the deal without the knowledge of the prospect.

An initial pilot program of Real Time Sales Coaching implemented by Techno ( Power ( Marketing ( proved successful at not only increasing the sales revenue of the companies who utilized the training, but also at increasing the confidence and personal selling ability of each sales person who participated in the pilot. What was most revealing about the pilot was the fact that, as training sessions progressed, so did the ability of sales people to come up with the right things to say at the right time during their conversations with prospects.

Arthur Schwartz, founder of Techno Power Marketing and lead real time sales coach, believes that real time sales training is the future of the sales training industry. "Companies don't like to pay for things when they can't tell whether or not they're getting their money's worth," he said, "What makes Real Time Sales Coaching so unique is that managers receive measurable and cost effective results within minutes of trying our program. Managers are able to kill two birds with one stone by keeping members of their sales team at their desks making phone calls while also receiving training that they know will be implemented."

For managers, Real Time Sales Coaching offers a win/win that is tough to beat. Not only will they receive the benefit of a better performing sales staff, they'll also be able to offset the cost of training with all of the additional sales that a real time sales trainer can help secure. Where other sales trainers tout resumes and personal accomplishments, real time trainers tout results and sales. Few sales trainers, despite how passionate and capable they seem in front of an audience, are hesitant to jump on real world calls with real world prospects. Many traditional sales trainers are more comfortable training in controlled environments where the outcome of mock sales calls can be controlled. This might be good for the sales trainer, but this does little to show sales people how to roll with the punches and deal with the unplanned responses that reveal themselves when trying to close a real deal.

Techno Power Marketing
Jay Kane