New UAE Advertising Monitoring Report

The UAE Real Estate Advertising Monitoring Report is a monthly report showing a roundup of all the advertising activity that was generated by all the key property companies. It is a condensed guide/ summary for marketing professionals, to help them finetune their advertising campaigns and their brand positioning. This report captures all key activity over a period of a month. It should also serve for benchmarking and as a historical reference of the industry’s development.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, May 24, 2007 --( MoxieMetrics has launched The UAE Real Estate Media and Advertising Monitoring Report, a condensed monthly digest for real estate executives in the UAE and the region.

The monthly report, aimed at providing clarity on the booming advertising landscape in the UAE, offers a comprehensive monthly roundup of print advertising activity in all key print publications. All essential ads are presented in a single handbook, along with a rundown of the leading news headlines of the month.

“This report attempts to provide busy executives with a consolidated digest of only the information they need—nothing extraneous to waste their time. They can get quick insight into the industry’s marketing landscape and feel they have a finger on the industry’s pulse,” said Sana Bagersh, CEO of BrandMoxie, the marketing firm that operates MoxieMetrics.

She said that the report features the advertising activity generated over a period of a month by real estate companies as well as by brokerage and property dealers such as banks and finance houses. She added that the request for the service came from frustrated real estate marketing managers who are overwhelmed by the barrage of campaigns flooding the media. “The message we got from our clients was skip the copious detail; we want information that is quick and strategic.”

The region has seen an unprecedented blitz of real estate advertising, and the sheer volume has led to lackluster branding, mediocre differentiation and muddled positioning, said Bagersh. “Even the top companies in the UAE are being challenged. There’s just too much spewed daily, and much of it is in the form of slapdash communication and copycat creative.”

She anticipates that The UAE Real Estate Media and Advertising Monitoring Report will help corporate marketers and leading advertising agencies gain monthly insight on what their competitors are claiming, their unique selling propositions (USPs), their product and service ranges as well as their special offers and buyer incentives.

Executives would be able to review the month’s real estate industry activity quickly and easily, and archive the handbook monthly for benchmarking, referencing and also as an evolutionary record of the direction the industry is taking.

“I think the most value it will offer is on a very practical level—providing insight to help marketers formulate their PR and advertising strategy, position their brands, fine-tune their segmentation, refine their marketing tactics, and differentiate their messaging,” said Bagersh.

She added that The UAE Real Estate Media and Advertising Monitoring Report has already been received with great interest in neighboring countries that also have considerable real estate activity, and that MoxieMetrics is already working with partners in KSA and Qatar on creating similar reports in their territories.

The UAE monthly report will be slightly lower in cost than traditional media monitoring services, however once a ‘critical mass’ is reached the cost should come further down, she explained. The report is available on subscription from MoxieMetrics, through BrandMoxie in Abu Dhabi.

BrandMoxie is a leading independent advertising and marketing firm based in Abu Dhabi, with partner offices in Addis Ababa, Tehran, Kabul, Mumbai, Sanaa, Qatar, Rome, Barcelona and Milan.

Sana Bagersh