Keith Voyles Joins

Hernando County Executive to Serve as South Florida Sales/Ops Director

Brooksville, FL, March 14, 2012 --( Long time Hernando County construction executive Keith Voyles has joined the team and will serve as the company’s South Florida Director of Sales and Operations, according to Dennis Hill, President of

Voyles, an award winning contractor and owner of Southern Charm Building and Construction, will perform all sales and inspection operations/management functions throughout the southern half of the state from Orlando south through Key West including both coasts of the state.

“We are really glad to have Keith on board with,” said Hill. “His 30-plus years in Florida construction give him a unique insight into the market and a keen eye for the oversight of our inspectors there.”, a division of Zglobal Asset Management Group, Inc., is a simple, national, web-based residential/home inspection solution for Realtor/bank/insurance company referrals to homebuyers, home sellers, and owners that offers the highest quality inspections by certified, insured, and licensed (where required) inspectors nationwide. The company currently serves clients in seven states – Arizona, Florida, Washington, Oregon, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

“I’m looking forward to working with,” Voyles said. "They are a young aggressive company, and they are poised to have a major impact in the inspections industry throughout the country." is a national web-based system that allows its clients – primarily homebuyers and home sellers, and other clients - to easily, quickly, and securely set inspection appointments on the company’s web site on a day and time convenient for them.

“ removes the Realtors’ time-consuming work when it comes to referrals, coordination, etc.,” Hill added. “And, through our web site, we make it particularly easy for the client as well.”

While the process is simple for the Realtor and the client,’s web site makes use of some of the most powerful and sophisticated enterprise software available, much of which was specifically modified or designed for the company.

“When the client visits the web site,, he/she will have a chance to learn more about the company and make an informed decision to use us,” Hill said. “After that, the process is a very simple series of clicks, and is complete in just a few minutes.”

After reviewing and agreeing to the company’s inspection agreement, the client clicks to schedule an appointment at the easy-to-use appointment section. The client then schedules the appointment on a day and time convenient for the client, fills in the appropriate information, moves to our secure payment site, and the process is done.

“The system allows a client in New York to schedule an appointment for an inspection in Florida without the hassles of having to make phone calls, interview inspectors, check the inspectors’ credentials, etc.,” Hill said. “We’ve already done all that, so the appointment-setting process takes about five minutes. Confirmations and the inspection agreement are sent to the client, and the inspector, and that part of the process is done.”

East Point Systems (EPS) in Hartford, CT, provides the enterprise software solutions for

“The EPS technology platform has enabled us to experience smooth and transparent management of our entire process, from work order to completion and photo documentation. This advanced technology provides us with the fastest turnaround and the most consistent work quality in the industry. It has also provided us with time tested processes, excellent reporting, high volume invoicing, Accounts Receivable, and fieldworker payables,” said Hill during the announcement.

The best part of the is quickness of the inspection itself and the fact that the entire report is generated and emailed to the client before the inspector leaves the premises, Hill noted. Through a special arrangement with one of nation’s leading inspection software companies,, the company’s software allows the inspector to complete a thorough and comprehensive inspection in one-third to one-half the time it once took to do a home inspection.

allinspections® (ai) provides the company’s front end inspection reporting software for all's field inspectors nationwide.

The ai software is unique in that it allows for the inspector to complete inspection reports while he or she is completing the inspection, and the inspection can be completed in its entirety on an iPhone, iPad, Droid phone, other type of tablet, or laptop. When the inspection is complete, the report is complete, saving the inspector a significant amount of time.

“And the client doesn’t have to wait several days to receive his/her report,” concluded Hill. “The software allows the inspector to complete the report while the inspection is being done. The results are immediate.”

Realtors interested in speaking with Keith may contact him by email at or calling 1-800-518-9659, ext. 500.
Dennis Hill