LAID BRAND Introduces New Line of Pheromone Based Hair Care Products

Laid Brand, an innovative hair care products company announced the introduction of the company's initial line of professional hair care products for men and women.

Los Angeles, CA, March 15, 2012 --( Laid Brand, an innovative hair care products company, announced today the launch of the company’s newest line of hair products which it will begin selling primarily on its website, The products, designed for both men and women, are not your typical variety hair care products. The company touts its formulations as professional grade products that will leave your hair looking fabulous, but with one added benefit, or as company CEO Adam Rauch calls it, the “twist.”

“We’re really excited about the products we’ve come up with,” says Adam, “As far as we know, we’re the first to put this twist on hair care products.”

The twist is pheromones, or natural chemical messengers that trigger social and behavioral responses in members of the same species. Although nature provides many different kinds of pheromones that serve various purposes for various species, the company utilizes a blend of six different pheromones in both its male and female products that target attraction and emotional reactions in, you guessed it... humans. They’ve dubbed their pheromone/hair care system PHEROTTRACTION™.

Adam will talk for hours about the PHEROTTRACTION™ products, the science behind them, the differences between the female and male formulations, and how pheromones should work best in hair products given the hair’s expansive surface area. However, don’t refer to the products as gimmicks; the CEO takes particular exception to that... “We spent a great deal of resources developing the hair care products. Our first objective was that [the products] had to be professional grade. David was first tasked with developing the best hair care products in the industry, the pheromone idea came later.”

The David for which the CEO speaks is David L. Hensley, a fifteen year veteran hairstylist to the Stars whose experience has taken him from the posh glitter of Beverly Hills to his small boutique salon in south Florida. Technically, he is Laid Brand’s stylist consultant and product innovator, but to the Laid Brand team he is the embodiment of what the company hopes to bottle for its customers - best described as viral positivity.

“When I do hair, my goal is to make people feel good about how they look and thus themselves. A lot of that hinges on the quality of the products I use,” says David, “These products make people look great, so they feel great about that, then the pheromones kick in and then they feel even better. It’s amazing stuff, we’re very proud.”

The company will launch its product line on March 16th with a small gathering in David’s hometown of Tampa where he will demonstrate for a live audience the benefits of the Laid Brand products. Initially, the products will only be available for live purchase at David’s salon located in Tampa, Florida. However, tech savvy consumers can purchase all of the Laid Brand offerings, as well as get more detailed information on pheromones, on the company’s website,

“Our hope is that customers give the products a try and let us know their experiences,” says Adam, “We love hearing about their ‘phero’-moments.”

The new Laid Brand offerings:

Straight Kinky multi-purpose leave-in spray conditioner for Women

Fill Me Up texturizing spray for Women

Mo’ Rockin’ oil conditioning treatment for Women

No More Headaches hair spray for Women

Luscious Locks dry damage shampoo Women

Luscious Locks dry damage conditioner for Women

Luscious Locks moisturizing hair mask for Women

Shady Girl shampoo for color treated hair for Women

Shady Girl conditioner for color treated hair for Women

Dirty Clean 2-in-1 SHAMPOO and BODY WASH for Men

Paste for Men

Laid Brand is based in Los Angeles, CA. Laid Brand products are available exclusively at the David Hensley Salon in Tampa, Florida on on the Laid Brand website at
Julia Countryman