May DVDs from BayView Include Releases with Fitness Legend Kathy Smith, Fitness for Senior Citizens, Tae Kwon Do, and More

BayView Entertainment’s May fitness & special interest DVD titles feature two from fitness legend Kathy Smith, two from the Mastering Tae Kwon Do series, three from the Stronger Seniors program, and Anna Twinney’s latest in Natural Horsemanship.

Hackensack, NJ, March 15, 2012 --( BayView Entertainment, the number one studio for fitness, dance and special interest DVD releases for over seven years*, presents its May schedule of fitness and special interest titles covering the spectrum with two releases from fitness legend Kathy Smith, two from the Mastering Tae Kwon Do series, three from the Stronger Seniors program, and Anna Twinney’s latest in Natural Horsemanship. These new releases join BayView’s catalog of fitness, wellness and special interest DVDs and audio books in bringing a variety of fascinating subjects to retailers and consumers everywhere. BayView Entertainment’s DVDs are available at all leading internet retailers as well as selected stores nationwide. *source: DVD Release Report, March 2, 2012

DVD Information

Street date: May 1, 2012 (prebook: April 3, 2012)
“Stronger Seniors: Core Fitness Chair Exercise” – The Stronger Seniors Core Fitness Chair Exercise Program is designed to help seniors and the mobility-challenged develop strength and flexibility, enhancing the ability to function in daily life. Core Fitness is specially designed to strengthen the abdominals, lower back and pelvic floor muscles: those which support the spine and internal organs – the very foundation of the body. BV1591, UPC: 601454001591, $16.99 srp

“Stronger Seniors: Yoga Chair Exercise” – This beginning yoga program improves respiration and circulation and reduces tension. Stronger Seniors Yoga Chair Exercise will help to increase balance, flexibility, and strength. Easy-to-follow exercises are demonstrated with no complicated moves or laying on the floor necessary. BV1492, UPC: 601454001492, $16.99 srp

“Stronger Seniors Stretch & Strength” 2 DVD set – These two fitness DVDs work together to improve stability and balance for simple daily tasks: squatting and picking something up, climbing stairs, playing with grandchildren, etc. Exercise at home regularly with the Stronger Seniors Stretch & Strength Program to increase flexibility, gain strength, and improve heart health and balance. BV9602, 837101439602, $29.99

Street date: May 8, 2012 (prebook: April 10, 2012)
“Reiki: Energy Healing for Horses” – Created by International Equine Specialist, Natural Horsemanship Clinician, Animal Communicator and Karuna Reiki Master, Anna Twinney, this program will give everything needed to bring all the benefits of energy healing to not only horses but all animal companions. Incorporating her decades of experience in equine behavior, herd dynamics, body language and interspecies communication, Anna shows how the ancient art of Reiki, and almost any healing modality, can be safely adapted from humans to horses. BAY214, UPC: 874482002148, $49.99 srp, 2 DVD set.

Street date: May 15, 2012 (prebook: April 17, 2012)
“Mastering Tae Kwon Do: Versus Muay Thai, Karate, Mixed Martial Arts” – A true Tae Kwon Do Master teaches how to fight against a boxer, a Muay Thai Expert, a Karate Ka, and a Mixed Martial artist, showing how to exploit their weaknesses and take advantage of Tae Kwon Do's. BV1003, 625866010033, $29.99

“Mastering Tae Kwon Do: Under Black Belt Sparring” – Master Park shows the basic sparring drills and combinations including 1-step, 2-step, and 3-step, demonstrating the ideas of timing and distancing which are most important for successful sparring. BV1000, 625866010002, $29.99

Street date: May 22, 2012 (prebook: April 24, 2012)
“Kathy Smith’s Timeless Collection: Lift Weights to Lost Weight” – Fitness legend Kathy Smith presents this DVD workout that contains two complete upper and lower body workouts along with an additional core workout to firm up the abdominals. All that’s needed is a set of light hand weights. BAY217, 874482002179, $12.99

“Kathy Smith’s Timeless Collection: Lift Weights to Lose Weight 2” – In this follow-up to Lift Weights to Lose Weight, Kathy Smith has taken the best of weight training and added a pilates twist for a timesaving workout that combines the core strengthening principles of Pilates with balance principles of yoga for a total body strength training routine. BAY218, 874482002186, $12.99

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