ITW Agricultural Solutions Introduces a Revolutionary RFID Legband - DairyCUFF

ITW DairyCUFF provides time/labor savings, offers animal-friendly design.

Des Plaines, IL, March 15, 2012 --( ITW Agricultural Solutions announces a new product with the potential to revolutionize the way dairy cattle are identified in North America. The ITW DairyCUFF, a radio frequency ID (RFID) device, is labor efficient - allowing for reading from the back end of the cow, where all work is performed - and the only method of ID that is animal friendly.

Traditional ID tags, attached to the ear of the cattle, require a puncture wound to the animal, leaving her open to infection. In addition, ear tags are not visually strategic from the perspective of where most of the work on the cow is done. The maximum range for reading an RFID chip is only 24 inches. So with an operator working at the rear of a cow, ear tags are not visible by eye nor can they be read by a hand-held reader.

ITW DairyCUFF changes everything. By placing a band around either back leg, a farmer can perform a visual read or use any ISO-compliant reader and get a higher read rate due to a better location in relation to receiver antennas.

The ITW DairyCUFF works in any environment - parlors, hospital barns, corrals, feed bunks and freestalls.

In addition, the ITW DairyCUFF is tamperproof and rugged. It will not tear and the printed laser technology stands up to UV rays and inclement weather.

The reusable version was designed to be integrated into dairy management processes and can be adjusted around the leg of the cow as she grows.

"The ITW DairyCUFF is such a great product that I can't say which we're more excited about - the time savings and labor efficiencies it offers to dairy farmers, or the more animal-friendly design," says Jim Latal Business Development Manager of ITW Agricultural Solutions. "ITW has a long history of innovation and through contact with our customers, and visits to dairy farms, the need for this product became clear. We're pleased to introduce the ITW DairyCUFF to the agricultural marketplace and we're looking forward to seeing resulting changes in the industry."

ITW Agricultural Solutions, a recognized leader with more than 20 years of expertise providing innovative products to the agricultural market, is a business unit of Illinois Tool Works (ITW).

Those seeking more information on the ITW DairyCUFF or other ITW Agricultural Solutions products should contact customer service at 847-375-6701 or visit

Contact: Jim Latal, Business Development Manager
Phone: 847-375-6701
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