PA Gymnasts Team Up with Brideway Academy to Reach Goals – and Nab College Scholarships

Homeschooling Education and Athletics Unite to Help Many Children Reach Their Dreams

Allentown, PA, March 15, 2012 --( For many parents in this tough economy, a chance for their child to achieve a college scholarship can mean everything. But rigorous athletic training schedules and excellent scholastics are sometimes difficult to achieve in tandem. However, quite a few participants in the Allentown Parkettes gymnastics program are figuring out the secret recipe. No doubt about it, stellar athletics and quality education can go hand in hand, often quite beautifully.

According to Jessica Parnell, of Bridgeway Homeschool Academy, “All of our graduates who have been part of the Allentown Parkettes have moved on with full scholarships. That speaks highly of both the Parkettes athletics program and the nationally accredited and NCAA recognized Bridgeway curriculum. We just mesh together amazingly well.”

Bridgeway recently teamed up with the Allentown-based Parkettes group through the donation of a $10,000 scoreboard for their gymnastics meets. The Parkettes are now hosting nationally acclaimed events at their location in Allentown, and Bridgeway’s high-tech scoreboard afforded them much more in the way of speed, accuracy, and visibility while posting each participant’s scores.

At The Parkettes Invitational - a recent nationally acclaimed meet – several Bridgeway Academy students ruled the day with outstanding performances. Elizabeth “Ebee” Price took the coveted #1 overall spot with a perfect ten on the vault and seriously upped her chances of making the U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Trials this spring. Jacqueline Lucci took 2nd place, while Megan Feltham and Brooke Simonson took 5th and 11th places respectively in their divisions at the meet.

Donna Strauss, coach and co-founder of the Parkettes commented that “There is no doubt a direct correlation between involvement in a quality athletics program and a child’s perseverance, self-esteem, and confidence. These girls are true athletes – and they develop a truly outstanding work ethic.” Such a strong ethic will serve them well as they mature and venture into college studies, the business world, or continue as professional athletes.

Strauss notes, “Homeschooling has afforded these athletes the ability to obtain a great education while giving them the opportunity to travel around the country – with the flexibility to work through assignments around their schedules.” She also points out that most of the Parkette’s homeschooled students wind up ahead on their school work, and even score higher on SAT’s and other standardized testing than traditional students. The list of athletes who have received college scholarships on the Parkette’s website is truly astounding!

Jessica Parnell said that Bridgeway Academy was immediately attracted to the Parkettes for their strong positive vibe between coaches, parents, and students alike. “We wanted to support what they are doing for these kids in any way we could. Our desire is to see students pursuing their own excellence, while continuing to receive the academics necessary to move on to college through scholarship if they choose.”

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