New Artist for Avalon's Online Cat Comic

The web comic Avalon – a cute cartoons series about a cat bearing the same name – is proud to announce its collaboration with a new artist: Javi Salvago. The cartoons will appear bi-monthly from now on Avalon's official blog page.

New York, NY, March 15, 2012 --( Avalon is an online comic strip created by Vanessa Morgan. Published for the first time in December 2010, it chronicles the life of the feline title character, Avalon. Although the web comic started as a simple hommage to Morgan's cat, it quickly became an online success as people could recognize their own cat's behavior in the stories. Common themes in the web comic include Avalon's love for exotic food (camel, guinea pig, shark), his sneaky tricks for getting cuddles and attention, and his search for fame as a feline actor (in real life, Avalon is the star of several movies and music videos; his most prominent parts were in the horror films The Strangers Outside and A Good Man).

The comic strip started as a collaboration with illustrator and comic book artist Allan Beurms. In March 2012, one year after Avalon's online release, another artist, the Spanish Javi Salvago, joined the team. The style and feel of the online comic will stay the same - cute and with lots of pastel colors - but from now on the stories will appear more regularly and several side character's (such as the family guinea pig, Avalon's owner, the neighbours etc) will be more thoroughly developed. Morgan still writes the stories, supervises the style and manages the business and the official website

Apart from developing the Avalon comics, Vanessa Morgan is also a screenwriter and horror novelist. Wildly hailed as the 'female version of Stephen King', she is best known for her novels Drowned Sorrow and The Strangers Outside. Javi Salvago is a professional artist and illustrator. Some of his work include comic strips, logos, book covers, publicity, and more.

Avalon's stories are particularly popular in the United States, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and Canada.
Vanessa Morgan