hostGeneral Web Hosting Service Offers Cloud Servers Within an Hour of Signup

Web hosting provider hostGeneral is encouraging businesses and consumers to explore its Cloud server packages, which offer instant self-setups for live storage in an hour or less.

Chicago, IL, March 15, 2012 --( hostGeneral, a web hosting service available online at, is promoting its Cloud server packages, which can be live within an hour of signup. The company offers four different Cloud hosting plans with various levels of storage and personalization.

"The hostGeneral Cloud web hosting plan offers a lightning-fast setup, affordable pricing, and quick-response customer support teams based in the USA. All of this is on top of the traditional perks of Cloud servers, which share data and applications to users on desktops, laptops, tablets, and cell phones; the software is designed to perform as quickly and seamlessly as if it were natively installed on each individual device," said Levi Staal, CEO of the web hosting service.

The company's economical Cloud Basic web hosting plan starts at just $49.95 per month, offering 40 GB of storage, 2 TB bandwidth, 1.4 GB of memory, and 2 GHz CPU. For additional storage, clients can add an extra 20 GB to their Cloud Basic plans for just $20. The web hosting provider also offers Cloud Plus and Cloud Mega plans for $74.95 and $119.95 per month; using Cloud Mega service, customers can receive 250 GB storage, 4 TB bandwidth, 4.5 GB of memory, and 6 GHz CPU.

Beyond its three flat-rate Cloud server packages, hostGeneral's Cloud Ultimate web hosting plan begins with an in-depth consultation to determine the optimal configurations based on the client's specific needs. The fast web hosting plan features optimized input and output speeds to deliver rapid loading times and consistently stellar performance.

hostGeneral's Cloud-based fast web hosting packages boast instant self-setups and convenient, reliable service supported by active and passive monitoring 24 hours a day. The company guarantees zero downtime and redundant online storage backup systems, in addition to a promised response time of five minutes or less. Clients are encouraged to scale up or down to hostGeneral's different storage levels as their needs evolve.

"Many businesses experience fluctuating storage needs, and our reliable web hosting program was built around the concept that you shouldn't have to pay for server space you're not using. We bolster our web hosting service with elegant network architecture that ensures that our clients will never see a decline in speed or performance, even if a server fails," Staal said.

Alongside its performance and reliability, hostGeneral is also showcasing its fast web hosting service as a gateway to instant uploading and downloading; quick load times and syncing; and a network robust enough to handle even intensive database and script requirements. The reliable web hosting provider's English-speaking customer team is available 24/7 to resolve client issues via phone, email, or Live Chat at

For more information on hostGeneral, visit or call 1-888-221-HOST. The web hosting provider is also available on Facebook and Twitter at and, respectively.
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