Doubles Its Server Capacity to Fill Growing Need for Email Validation Services

Boca Raton, FL, March 15, 2012 --( Email Answers has responded to the increased demand for email validation and email list cleaning services by doubling its server capacity, dramatically reducing the turnaround time for processing orders in the queue.

Involved in every aspect of email marketing, Email Answers is the first to acknowledge the importance of safeguarding one’s IP reputation to eliminate the possibility of being shut down by major ISP’s and email administrators. Sending emails to invalid, undeliverable email data is the primary cause of being blacklisted or being labeled as a “spammer,” hindering any future potential for a company dependent on email marketing to retain existing customers or attract a fresh, new consumer base through this communicative platform.

As an email marketing software provider, Email Answers originally offered its proprietary list hygiene service to those customers who either lease the eList Manager software on an annual basis or purchase it as a turnkey hosted solution. Based on the positive feedback from these customers who maximized the deliverability of their email campaigns through frequent use of the validation service, Email Answers made the list cleaning service available to the public. After a number of years of cleansing the email databases of companies across the globe, with lists ranging from a few thousand to many millions of email addresses at one time, Email Answers has become the most reliable and inexpensive provider of list cleaning services and the only company with a 95% guarantee of the accuracy of their service.

Serena Paul, Managing Director of Email Answers, commented, “We could not be more delighted that this service is not only meeting the needs of companies across the board, but exceeding their expectations. In response to the rising popularity of this service and to fulfill the growing number of requests from our most valued customers, we have doubled our server capacity to enable us to accommodate and process the influx of online orders submitted on a daily basis.”

Equipped with the latest and most advanced technology on the market, the customers of Email Answers will now experience a reduced turnaround time unmatched by all other list cleaning companies new to the game. For additional information on the proprietary email validation and list cleaning software provided by Email Answers, please visit the website at to get your lists purged of bad, invalid, undeliverable, seed, duplicate, and BOT email data and capitalize on your future email marketing campaigns today.
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Serena Paul