Benefits of Meditation Made Simple with Jurgen Van Heuval's New Guide

Interest in meditation has been on in the increase recently, yet many are not sure what it can do for them. Jurgen Van Heuval's new guide helps by explaining in plain simple English.

Belfast, United Kingdom, March 15, 2012 --( Jurgen Van Heuval, co-founder of has recently published his new guide Mysteries and Mastery of Meditation. The guide lays out in a simple and easy to understand language not only the benefits of meditation but much more.

The guide starts with a detailed chapter about what meditation is and what is involved. Most people know that meditation has been around for a long time, however some still have a view that it is something only practiced by Tibetan Monks or that it involves sitting cross-legged in silence for prolonged periods of time. Jurgen presents the facts and dispels the myths surrounding meditation.

People consider taking up meditation for a variety of reasons and here they are laid out in a way so as the reader will most likely identify with one or more of these. Meditation Mystery and Mastery goes on in further chapters to explain how the power of meditation heals and how it can be used for anything from pain management and panic attacks to boosting self confidence and lifting depression. For anyone sitting on the fence about meditation, Jurgen's guide should do the trick.

The guide will be selling on Kindle for US$15 however it is free to visitors to the website.

Jurgen also recently added a new post to the site entitled “100 Benefits of Meditation” and does exactly what it says. You will find 100 reasons why one should consider taking up meditative practice. So whether you are male or female, religious or secular, young or young at heart, meditation benefits absolutely everyone.

Once on the site you can read up about some very interesting facts about meditation and mentions famous meditators past and present. There is also a quick start guide on how to meditate for the absolute beginner.

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