AMEX Co Launches Digital Temperature Makeup “Mishell”

Amex Co in it’s endeavor to keep everything environmentally safe launches a makeup refrigerator for storing cosmetics in a constant temperature.

Beverly Hills, CA, March 16, 2012 --( Amex Co introduced the elvan water purifier to the market. They have various achievements to their credit one of them is the completion of the cosmetic refrigerator-Mishell. It has the competence of a long storage of fresh cosmetics. Mishell creates the most convenient atmosphere for storing cosmetics. Additionally the product launched by Amex Co uses thermoelectric technology which is an icon of non pollution and environmentally free technology.

Amex Co has given the cosmetic cooler several excellent features, like it is capable of creating a formula as per the skin types, sensitivity or personal favor which can be maneuvered by selecting the summer/winter option provided in it. Mishel developed by Amex Co, is reported to have an excellent cooling mechanism. It implements a very unique cooling technique which helps to keep the entire enclosure’s temperature very uniform which makes it a dependable cosmetic cooler. Mishell incorporates various functions like dehumidification of the air of the enclosure; this dehumidification helps in controlling any growth of bacteria in the cosmetics placed within the cooler.

Amex Co’s product Mishell is capable of self diagnostic function which is carried out by a micro-processor, which is actually a digital cooling mechanism, this feature of the makeup refrigerator helps you to adjust the current for maintaining the most favorable temperature for the enclosure. It not only helps to save the energy but also assists to keep the temperature of the enclosure at a desired level. The digital cooling system helps to maintain original skin. Amex Co has ensured that the cosmetic cooler (Mishell) is free from noise and is available in 9.6 liter of space capacity available in various capacities like. In addition to creating this wonderful make up refrigerator Amex Co also manufactures water softener, car –air cleaner, product of alkaline reduced water, fresh water purifier to name a few.
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MeeYeun Kim