Wal-Mart’s "Get on the Shelf" Contest Now Includes a Hands-Free Flashlight Developed for Desert Storm Pilots

This Hands-Free Flashlight developed for pilots during Operation Desert Storm has been chosen for the Walmart “Get On The Shelf” contest.

Columbia, SC, March 16, 2012 --(PR.com)-- This Hands-Free Flashlight developed for pilots during Operation Desert Storm has been chosen for the Walmart “Get On The Shelf” contest. “The developers of the NightHawk UltraLight™ have submitted their entry in the American Idol style contest which runs March 7, through April 3, 2012. The Top ten highest vote recipients will then move on to round two where the three top vote recipients may be invited to sell their product in Walmart stores,” said Keith Lucas, the products developer. Mr. Lucas then when on to explain why and how the NightHawk MicroLight was developed.

“The Nighthawk MicroLight was originally used by pilots flying night sorties during the Desert Storm Operation. The pilots wore night vision devices during these missions but the devices would turn-off instantly if too much light entered the device, leaving the pilot flying virtually blind, so using conventional flashlights were not an option in the cockpit. We were asked to develop a light that would not interfere with the safe operation of the aircraft, be night-vision compatible, easy to operate, have an extended battery and bulb life and lastly, to be virtually indestructible. It was a lot to ask of a single device but my team went to work on the requirements and we were ecstatic when we completed our mission. We created what we then proudly called the NightHawk MicroLight.

“We not only met the requirements of the device design and functionality, we exceed them! The results of our efforts produced a Flashlight created from high-impact resin, outfitted with an Infrared (IR) LED and that used a loop and hook strap that easily adjusted onto the pilot's finger (giving the pilots total hands-free light). The unit was small and lightweight; it had a battery burn time of 10 continuous hours with a bulb burn time of over 14,000 hours. We had successfully created the first totally hands-free Personal Illumination Device (PID),” Mr. Lucas stated.

“Fast forward 17 years and we have since gone back to the development board and have re-created the Nighthawk MicroLight. But, this time our mission was not military driven but consumer driven. The technology and materials that had been used years before have advanced to such a great degree that next generation NightHawk Light has been born. This time we have proudly named it the NightHawk UltraLight™. It is made from high impact polymers, the battery life is now extended to over 15 hours of continuous use and the Ultra bright white LED bulb is 50 times brighter and lasts over 50,000 hours. Even the loop and hook strap has been made from newer and superior material. One other major component of the original Microlight remains the same in the newly designed UltraLight. In addition to easily being worn on your finger you can also wear it on your hat or a piece of clothing using its detachable clip. This new device is not only stronger and better but we back-it-up with a life time guarantee against parts and workmanship. The NightHawk UltraLight™ is the perfect hands-free light for thousands of daily low light and dark environments including Camping, Fishing, Boating, Hiking, Hunting, Auto repair, Computer repair and of course Flying,” Mr. Lucas concluded. They appreciate being selected to compete in this contest and believe that the consumer now has the best choice for an authentic hands-free flashlight that has past the toughest test of all, the test of time.

Check out the all new and improved NightHawk UltraLight™ video and thank you in advance for voting for the NightHawk UltraLight™ we look forward to getting on the shelf in a store near you. It’s easy to vote for us (you can vote twice a day) simply visit NighthawkUltraLight.com.
Nighthawk Lights, LLC
Keith Lucas