$1000 Giveaway Contest at NoDepositForum.com

Become a registered member, make a posting at the No deposit forum and have the chance to win $1000 in the form of an Amazon Gift Card. Help the forum meet the goal of reaching 10,000 members and have the chance to become a winner.

The Bahamas, Bahamas, The, March 15, 2012 --(PR.com)-- With hundreds of online casinos in operation, players around the world have been trying to win huge jackpots and high payouts. Earning free money is now just one step away. At NoDepositForum.com, players can enter a contest to win a $1000 grand prize. The great thing about this is that there are no casino deposits that have to be made, no requirements to be met and no risk to any player. The only thing that is required is that members register at the forum and make a positing. The $1000 giveaway contest is a promotional event run by the forum. The goal is to get 10,000 members to sign up. Once this is achieved, one lucky person will receive a $1000 payout with no strings attached! This free to enter contest is the easiest way to make a great amount of cash.

The forum has a goal of reaching 10,000 members as soon as possible. To accomplish this, they are offering a $1000 grand prize giveaway. To win the prize, people must register with the forum and make a posting. The more people that register, the sooner the goal will be met and the sooner someone will walk away with $1000. The prize will be presented in the form of an Amazon gift card and no exceptions will be made.

The rules to enter the contest are very simple. Again, users will not have to risk any of their own money to win the reward. Registered members of the forum will choose a 4 digit lucky number and post their choice to the forum. The number must be between 0000-9999. When the goal of 10,000 members is reached, a drawing will take place announcing the winner.

Once the forum has reached its goal of members, the lucky number pick of all players will be compared to the drawing of the Florida Play 4 evening Lottery draw. This will occur the very next day after the 10,000th member registers. Whoever has posted the closest number in the forum will win the prize. The number can go below or above the lottery drawing number.

Interested participants must either be a registered forum member or must complete a registration. They will then post their 4 number guess along with a date in which they believe the goal will be met. The winner will be determined solely on the number draw. Choosing a date will just make things more interesting, but will have nothing to do with choosing the winner of the contest.

Registered members are urged to tell others to register so the goal can be met and someone can receive their grand prize of $1000. To be able to post and enter the contest, you must be a registered member. There is nothing to lose here. Members will not have to deposit any money to an online casino, nor will they have to meet any other requirements. This is all based on chosen numbers that are compared to the lottery numbers that will be drawn. Should there be duplicate numbers chosen by more than one member, the first person to have posted their chosen number will be the winner, so get those posts in as soon as possible! Any duplicate accounts will be automatically deleted.

This contest is open to people from around the world with the exception of those from Russia and Poland. IP addresses will be checked at the time of the drawing and any indication that members are from either of these countries will result in immediate disqualification.
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