There Are No Circumstances Under Which a Farmer Should Sell Their Farmland

The Farmland Marketing And Management Group Says, Interest in Alternative Investments Could Make the Outright Sale of a Family Farm an Unnecessary, Costly Event

Des Moines, IA, March 16, 2012 --( 4th Quarter 2011 farmland prices have now been reported by the Federal Reserve Banks of Kansas City and Chicago and it’s been another year of record appreciation. Many absentee and elderly landowners now feel motivated to sell given these very high prices, according to Tracy Lynn Bolton, Founder of the Farmland Marketing and Management Group, Inc. (

Bolton and her staff are telling their land owner clients not to sell. “We encourage our farm clients move slowly and take a pencil to any offer to sell outright, no matter how attractive it may seem. We ask them to consider what they are actually getting net of expenses and taxes. Perhaps more importantly, where are they going to invest that money where it will be as safe as owning ground? We ask them if they have another investment in their present portfolio that has produced income or appreciation like their farmland. We also get information about what land in their area has sold for in the past to calculate a historical record of appreciation and show them what they stand to lose in future appreciation if they sell outright. We are confirming with factual information and real numbers what they already know to be true in their hearts and that is—they shouldn’t be selling at any price,” says Bolton.

“The difference between a farmer selling outright now, versus a structured sale over a 5, 10 or 20 years through the Farmland Marketing and Management Group can mean tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of extra dollars in the farmer’s pocket.”

Bolton and her staff knew this day would come and over the last 4 years, as a result of her firms marketing efforts, she has inventoried an impressive list of individual investors, institutions, university endowments and others all looking to participate in farmland investment opportunities.

A world debt crisis, continued economic uncertainty and market volatility have created an environment that makes many investors wary of more traditional investments, creating interest in alternative investments like farmland.

“Our firm designs simple, inexpensive limited partnerships that give farmers the liquidity they need and want, minimizes capital gains taxes and allows a farmer to continue participating in the future income and appreciation without going into debt or losing control or possession of their land. I know this is a smarter way to do it,” assures Bolton.

Bolton grew up in Iowa, her family has a multi- generational history in agriculture that continues today. Bolton personally has extensive experience managing real estate and is the founder of 2 woman owned businesses. Something that may bode well when she approaches the many farm widows that control a significant amount of this countries farm ground.

For more information about The Farmland Marketing and Management Group, or Ms. Bolton’s new Ag Fund, U.S. Growers Farmland Liquidity Fund, to speak with Ms. Bolton or to schedule an interview, contact the Farmland and Marketing and Management Group, Inc. at or toll free 866-800-7039 ext. 40.
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