School Bus Industry First - Mobile Video Surveillance Camera with Motion Detection & High Definition Video Quality

tt-i offers School Bus Districts the opportunity to install the latest in mobile video surveillance technology i.e HD video quality and motion detection for a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions on the market today.

Burnaby, Canada, March 17, 2012 --( tti has launched the new Plug & Play “Buddy” NightOwl, a High Definition mobile video surveillance camera with built in motion detection designed for the school bus market. The NightOwl offers the highest resolution and frame rate combination in the mobile video market. Using H.264 compression it is a first with High Definition video quality and SD Card video storage. Designed for a customer who requires high quality recording but at an affordable price and is an ideal VCR replacement.

Motion Detection extends the life of the cameras and SD Cards by only recording when their is something to record. Their is no need to record empty buses, and yet it is always in viewing mode, ready to record instantly if something happens.

The Plug & Play NightOwl can be installed by a customer into a vehicle without incurring additional installation costs in minutes, either windsheild or bulkhead mounted. Addition NightOwls can also be installed in the same bus with a 2 or 3 way power socket adaptor to the cigarette lighter I.e. pointing down the aisle of the Bus, forward facing or at the stop arm.

“Buddy” NightOwl has features such as High Definition, SD card up to 64GB (no moving parts) motion detection, night vision, built in screen to help position the camera view to the desired location. Video is recorded onto a SD card which has the added benefit of no moving parts and also makes transferring the data to a computer very easy via a SD card reader which comes with every order. The video can be viewed via windows media player so no addition software installation is required.

With 6 LED light built in the NighOwl takes HD quality video in the dark as well as in daylight. The new motion detector sensor option means that the unit will not start recording until the passengers get on the bus which eliminates continuous recording and prolongs the life of the unit.

The "Buddy" NightOwl now allows bus operators who until now have not fitted a mobile video surveillance unit to their vehicles due to budget limitations the opportunity to experience the benefits that a mobile video camera brings to their operation. The NightOwl also represents an ideal VCR replacement for those looking for a easy to use and cost effective solution and yet experience high definition quality video.

School Bus operators now have the opportunity to protect their passengers, drivers and their business from litigation with the latest in mobile video surveillance.

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About tti
tti is the leading supplier of bus and coach Plug & Play mobile video surveillance. Their products are aimed at those operators looking for affordable recording solutions without compromising on quality. The product offering includes features such as High Definition recording, SD storage, motion detection and viewer screens, which cannot be found in traditional, DVR’s on the market. They are dedicated to providing service and value for money in a solution that can be moved to other vehicles without occurring additional installation costs.

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