Helvetia Seguros Improves Incident Management Programme Through iSOCO Semantic Technology

The insurance company has added semantic technology to its incident management application to improve its service and facilitate access to information for its employees. The solution enables more effective searching in the system, displaying similar cases and useful related content.

Sant Cugat del Vall├ęs, Spain, March 18, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Helvetia Seguros has decided to take advantage of the new possibilities offered by semantic technology in the optimisation of customer, employee and provider relationship processes. To do so they placed their trust in the semantic search engine of the semantic web and artificial intelligence firm iSOCO, with the aim of improving the insurance company's current incident management system.

The result is a platform that gains efficiency by integrating all the recorded incidents and additional useful content. When a title or description of a given case is entered, the application deploys a tab with all the similar results detected in the system; it offers a list of responses arranged by the relevance of the content; it identifies synonyms and morphological variations; it includes a cloud of more relevant terms in the list and it adds an autofill function which shows the most popular information as the query is typed into the search box.

All of this is possible thanks to Naveganza, a semantic search application developed by iSOCO which analyses the user's information and suggests content more closely related to each new incident that is entered into the platform, on the basis of a knowledge map. With this solution, Helvetia Seguros facilitates access to information for its employees, thanks, in part, to the system that recommends similar responses during the process of entering new queries.

"By using the iSOCO tool, we have enabled employees themselves to frequently find the solutions to their problems, since they often consist of repetitive issues resulting from incomplete knowledge of the systems or applications. Consequently we have sped up the response time to employees when the situations really are different, thereby notably improving the productivity of the team that works with the incident management tool and, in short, improving users' appreciation of the tool and of incident resolution." Mr Victor Lopez, Director of Information Systems at Helvetia Seguros.

About iSOCO

iSOCO is an IT company that develops proprietary software based on artificial intelligence and semantic technology. Founded in 1999, it specialises in structuring and facilitating access to the large volume of data available on the Web to transform it into valuable knowledge for organisations.

Its portfolio of services and applications is designed using Semanti-K ®, a powerful search engine with advanced contextual management capabilities which enables information of interest to be analysed, understood and recommended.

The company has over 10 years experience creating collaborative platforms to make business relationships with clients, providers and partners more productive, platforms that are of growing importance in a new economic model based on managing knowledge obtained by extracting, structuring and analysing information from the Internet. It has top-level clients such as Almirall, AstraZéneca, Bankinter, BT, Colt, Grupo Leche Pascual, La Caixa, Repsol YPF and Zurich, among others.

Founded by five researchers in 1999 as a spin-off from the Artificial Intelligence Institute (IIIA), of the High Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), iSOCO develops its technology from its own research centre (iLab) which works alongside international organisations like the W3C (the World Wide Web Consortium) and the European Union to develop the current web paradigm and transform it into an intelligent space, capable of performing specific tasks other than just storing information. It is also the instigator of the Spanish Linked Data Association (AELID) along with the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM).
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