Charlotte Web Design Company Sees Rise in New Dot-Com Startups & Entrepreneurs

It has been over a decade since the first dot-com rush crashed and burned, and 2012 is ushering in a new era of dot-com entrepreneurs who are developing stronger niche-oriented business ideas without venture capital booms.

Charlotte, NC, March 18, 2012 --( The Idea People have seen a dramatic rise in the number of “dot-com” entrepreneurs turning back to the Internet with niche-oriented ideas for businesses and start-ups.

“When we were in Atlanta in 2000, our agency saw the meteoric rise and fall of the first dot-com era,” said Jay Joyce of The Idea People. “The Internet business plans and ideas that we are seeing 10 years later are still brilliant in concept but very much separated from the VC-fueled frenzy a decade ago.”

In part, the advances in both web-based technologies and mobile devices have rekindled the flame for business-savvy people to bring their Internet-based business ideas quickly to fruition. The economy is also playing a role in people wanting to secure their own futures to either supplement their career earnings or replace them.

“Right now, we are meeting or working directly with 11 individuals who have presented their Internet-based business plans and ideas to The Idea People,” says Joyce. “Each individual is in a different stage of idea development with three plans specifically funded and moving forward into development.”

Factors Pushing the Dot-Com Entrepreneurial Revival in Charlotte

1. The Internet works well for niche-oriented concepts and ideas. Charlotte has an entrepreneurial spirit that is helping to fuel people’s thoughts and inventions;
2. The advances in technology, along with long-term, experienced digital companies like The Idea People, make speed to market a deciding factor to push forward with dot-com business ideas;
3. The lower cost to market entry in 2012 makes it easier for individuals to self-fund Internet projects and not need to rely on venture capital like a decade ago;
4. Dot-com entrepreneurs have a decade of exposure to all things Internet, web and technology, which makes them smarter and more-informed Internet business minds. They can actually envision their idea or business model concept and create storyboards with desired technology and functionality;
5. Product and service audiences are hungry for innovations, new Internet ideas, and web offerings that can increase their enjoyment, enrich their lives, and propel them to form new brand loyalties with online brands.

“2012 is an exciting time to be an experienced web, mobile and digital marketing agency, ” says Joyce. “And to be here for the beginning of the second wave of dot-coms, remembering what we all learned back in 2001, creates an incredible opportunity for dot-com entrepreneurs and The Idea People to partner to create strong, vibrant, niche-oriented Internet business models that can be successful for the long run.”

If you have an idea or a plan for an Internet business model, and you would like to discuss it with a company that is deeply experienced with Internet entrepreneurs, please call Jay Joyce with The Idea People at 704-398-4437 or email The Idea People can take your concept and plan straight through to launch with experienced, strong on-going marketing support.
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