Wardour and Oxford Announces Matt Wilson as the Ambassador for Climate Unchange

Global business development agency Wardour And Oxford announces Matt Wilson as the Ambassador for the company's social mission, Climate Unchange.

New York, NY, March 19, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Matt Wilson, CEO of one of the world’s most influential entrepreneurship organisations, Under30CEO has been named as the Ambassador for Climate Unchange.

Wardour And Oxford is committed to the fight against climate change - this generation's greatest environmental crisis that carries economic, health, safety, food production, security and species survival consequences. As a social mission with technology developed by Swiss company South Pole Carbon, Climate Unchange is a webshop empowering all individuals, entrepreneurs, small, medium and large corporations to voluntarily offset their carbon footprints.

Everyday, everybody can calculate their carbon footprint for flying, catching public transport, driving, consuming energy, forwarding freight, staging events and staying at hotels. The webshop encourages people and companies to pursue all their activities, responsibly.

Climate Unchange supports reforestation, wind farm, wastewater treatment, hydro plant, geothermal, biomass and landfill gas capture projects in countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, China, New Caledonia, Taiwan, India, Turkey and Honduras, with carbon credits verified and certified by independent organisations accredited by the United Nations.

Wardour And Oxford CEO Wempy Dyocta Koto said: "Today, we proudly appoint Matt Wilson as the Ambassador for Climate Unchange. Our mission is to empower the new generation to act against mass behaviours, authorities and individual pursuits that accelerate the destruction and depletion of global natural resources. Climate Unchange symbolises problem ownership, and although inherited, the solution stands in self-management that dominoes into community and universal change. Matt possesses qualities which I admire and embody the spirit, pursuit and DNA of Climate Unchange. He is an influencer and catalyst of progress whose leadership empowers, everyday, the way his generation decides upon, shapes and engineers their futures and ultimately, the world's. Matt's knowledge and experience-sharing website which he co-founded with Jared O'Toole - Under30CEO.com attracts 200,000 monthly unique visitors. Also, Matt's entrepreneurial disposition is essential for solving a problem as globally complex and contentious as climate change. He is academic and inquisitive in his approach to understanding the world; a key attribute when communicating, learning and synthesising information from scientists, politicians, NGO's and business directors who have opposing agendas. Finally, Matt's innate goodness, determined purpose and bravery are qualities which embody the heart and spirit of Climate Unchange."

Matt Wilson said: "I am humbled by Wempy and Wardour And Oxford's confidence that I can be a catalyst of change for my generation. Governments create borders. However, our fight for a sustainable planet is universal. We are a more informed generation that will not be sidelined in discussions and decisions that affect our futures. Our generation will stop at nothing to ensure that we are constantly educated, involved, informed and influencing environmental developments. I invite everybody to bookmark ClimateUnchange.com, then calculate and neutralise our carbon footprints when pursuing life activities. It should be part of our collective agenda of leaving behind a better world."

Koto added: "Matt's first mission for Climate Unchange will involve flying from New York to Iceland, a country vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Matt will star in a global advertising campaign titled 'Kids These Days,' directed by British documentary producer Archie Brooksbank of Bladesman Productions. The campaign will feature Matt exploring natural landscapes with the South Iceland Adventure tour company. He will trek across glaciers, ski down volcanoes, witness the aurora borealis - northern lights and experience the beautiful and fragile environment of Iceland."

The campaign is sponsored by Wardour And Oxford, South Iceland Adventure and IcelandAir. The world media premiere will take place at The Empire State Building in New York City on 1 June, 2012.

Follow Matt's Icelandic journey as an Ambassador for Climate Unchange on Twitter @MattWilsontv.

About Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson is co-founder of Under30CEO, the leading media company for news, advice, trends and events for the young entrepreneur. After using social media to land Under30CEO on MSNBC and BusinessWeek, he began building brands online including venture-backed startups like Zaarly. Wilson’s passion for entrepreneurship began after leading Bryant University to become the world’s #1 entrepreneurs’ organisation. He was a finalist for Alister and Paine’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year and has keynoted to groups of over 1,000 entrepreneurs. Wilson also contributes strategic thought to The Huffington Post and Business Insider.

About Climate Unchange

Climate Unchange is Wardour And Oxford's social mission fighting environmental irresponsibility. ClimateUnchange.com is a carbon offsetting webshop developed with Swiss-headquartered South Pole Carbon, featuring carbon credited projects independently verified and certified by organisations accredited by the United Nations.

About Wardour And Oxford

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